Sam Altman To Return To OpenAI As He Shows His “Guest ID Card”

Sam Altman To Return To OpenAI

Recently, Sam Altman posted on X (formerly Twitter), hinting at his strict deadline for his return to OpenAI. It also seems that he is considering the removal of the company’s board of directors. On Thursday, Altman was abruptly removed from the position of CEO in a Google Meet conference. Apart from that, Greg Brockman also lost his position as the chairman of the board.

According to CNN,

OpenAI’s overseers worried that the company was making the technological equivalent of a nuclear bomb, and its caretaker, Sam Altman, was moving so fast that he risked a global catastrophe. So, the board fired him. That may ultimately have been the logical solution. But the manner in which Altman was fired – abruptly, opaquely, and without warning to some of OpenAI’s largest stakeholders and partners – defied logic.”

To negotiate a possible return to the company, Altman and Brockman came to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Mira Murati, the interim CEO of OpenAI, stated that she invited the former two executives of the company. Sam Altman appeared with a guest ID card in the OpenAI building, as he wrote, “First and last time I ever wear one of these.

According to reports, Sam Altman has a strict deadline of 5 pm for his return to the company. However, he needs to remove the existing board members of OpenAI that fired him as the company’s CEO. In such a situation, the board members will have the responsibility to decide who will replace them.

As per other reports, Microsoft and Satya Nadella were completely astounded by OpenAI’s move. Hence, it is highly likely that Nadella will offer Sam Altman full support in his bid to return to the company and also in the future.

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