Is Obtaining A Cryptocurrency License In Malta A Valuable Investment?

Obtaining A Cryptocurrency License

Malta is one of the first countries in the European Union to regulate cryptocurrencies, which has earned it worldwide recognition. This state has created a solid foundation for regulating the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges. But have you ever thought about getting a cryptocurrency license in Malta?

Obtaining an MFSA Malta crypto exchange license will be very prestigious not only in Europe but also around the world. Most countries that are members of the EU are now trying to find the best method of regulating cryptocurrencies, while Malta will be many steps ahead.


What Are the Necessary Prerequisites for Acquiring a Cryptocurrency Exchange License in Malta?

In order to deal with Malta’s cryptocurrency license, there are a few requirements one needs to fulfill right away. But figuring out all of them is not as easy as it sounds. People are usually covered with a lot of queries. Hence, to give you all peace of mind, below is a list of questions along with their answers. So, check them out: 

What Do You Need As a Local Director and Staff for a Cryptocurrency Exchange Licensed in Malta?

  • The Malta Financial Services Authority will require a system auditor to keep track of all the technologies. Most of them are a part of the company itself. In addition, a VFA (Virtual Financial Asset Agent) must be fully employed.
  • All crypto exchanges with a license are necessary to create an administrative board, the chairman of which should not be the CEO. It is worth adding that an anti-money laundering officer and a risk manager should be appointed.

Segregation of Customer Funds

While a license is in effect, all customer funds must remain separate from operating funds. Thus, the MFSA does not allow customer deposits to work along with the operating funds. In addition, there is a requirement that all registered exchanges have at least two bank accounts.

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What Capital is Necessary to Obtain a Digital Currency License in Malta?

The MFSA of Malta has established that the minimum amount of capital should be EUR 730,000. Also, each licensed cryptocurrency exchange will need to have a minimum amount of liquid assets (part of the overhead). It is important to add that the specific amount of liquid assets may vary from exchange to exchange.

How Does the Process of Registering a Cryptocurrency Exchange License in Malta Work?

  1. For starters, it is important to contact our team of professionals by phone or online. This is necessary in order to understand the general overview of the license application process. In addition, all the advantages and limitations are equally considerable factors.
  2. After signing the commitment letter, one can discover the stages, terms, and price of obtaining a crypto license in Malta.
  3. The next step is to register a local company in Malta. This process will begin after the terms of doing business once both parties agree upon it.
  4. A list of required documents will be prepared for the application.
  5. When all the necessary documents are ready and collected, an application will be submitted to the MFSA.

Why is it Important to Trust Cryptocurrency Licensing Experts in Malta?

Obtaining a Cryptocurrency License in Malta achieves success only when you deal with the right experts. Someone not having equal expertise can land you in legal trouble, a waste of time, and unnecessary expenses. And nobody likes that! Thus, you might always choose a licensing expert that provides you with the following:

Cryptocurrency Exchange Licensing Support

In the tightly regulated landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, securing the right license is imperative for business success. Prifinance possesses the expertise and proficiency to aid clients in this critical endeavor. Our experts devise optimal solutions tailored to meet legal and regulatory prerequisites.

Navigating Cryptocurrency Taxation Complexities

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, taxation intricacies demand specialized attention and knowledge. The team of experts offers professional tax guidance, helping clients grasp these complexities and ensuring strict adherence to all legal obligations.

A Streamlined Process Of Application

Apart from providing support and making tax complexities easier, a cryptocurrency license expert does something else, too. As they are the earlier Crypto adopters, they have experience making almost 2,000 crypto licenses. Additionally, the process they follow largely streamlines the application process. 

Broader EU Market Access

A cryptocurrency license agent helps you to acquire all your passporting rights. These rights refer to a firm’s ability to gain access to the larger EU market by offering cross-border services. The firm just has to register its business within a country in Malta and access the wider regional market. 

The Bottom Line

Malta has already become one of the best places to get a cryptocurrency license. It can easily offer investors confidence and protection, which is a must-have for any investment plan. Hence, if you are ambitious to make the most of such an investment, contact a reliable licensing company in Malta. 

With this, I rest my words here. Thank you for your undue attention. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to comment below and impart your thoughts to us. 

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