7 Reasons To Opt For A Water Purification System

Water Purification System

Ever thought about what’s really in your tap water? I know, plumbing systems are supposed to be top-notch, but let’s face it, things can go south.  

Chlorine, fluorine, and those nasty pesticides might be playing hide-and-seek in your water. 

Don’t just think it’s a problem in far-off places – contaminated water is closer than you’d like to believe. The research squad dropped some serious stats about harmful stuff like fecal coliform, arsenic, lead, and pesticides lurking in the water supply. Not cool. 

Sure, most of the water is okay, but why take chances, right?  

Water filter systems are like superheroes for your family, protecting them from short-term bugs and long-term issues like cancer, neurological disorders, and even typhoid. 

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Here Are Seven Top Reasons To Opt For A Water Purification System

1: Save Your Savings in the Long Run 

Getting a water filtration system might seem a bit pricey upfront, but it’s a smart investment in the long run. Companies like Springwell even offer great financing options.  

So, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a cheaper alternative. 

When you rely on bottled water or a water cooler, using a lot means constantly purchasing more bottles, and that adds up fast. In addition, bottled water can have crazy markups, like up to 4,000 percent! That’s a lot of money down the drain over weeks, months, or even years. 

With a good water filter, once it’s set up, you’ve got instant access to clean and healthy water for a long time – usually a whole year before you need to do any maintenance.  

So, instead of pouring money into bottles, why not spend it on something better, like a quality tap water filter? It’s a smarter choice in the end. 

2: Lack of Odor and Better Taste 

Do you know how chlorine helps zap bacteria in our tap water? Well, the good news – it does the job, but the bad news is it leaves a stinky smell.  

Luckily, filtered water saves the day by getting rid of that chlorine smell during the filtering process. So, no more stinky water – just clean and fresh! 

Ever noticed a weird taste in your tap water? Don’t worry, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s bad for you. Sometimes it’s just chlorine or minerals playing tricks on your taste buds.  

The good news? Toss in a water filter, and voila! Your once “meh” tap water transforms into a refreshing gulp of filtered goodness. Easy fix, happy sipping! 

3: Longevity of the Appliances 

Ever seen that chalky stuff around your faucets? That’s limescale, and it’s not just a looks issue.  

It messes with your appliances, like your fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine. Hard water speeds up their aging game, meaning you might be shelling out for replacements sooner. 

But hey, good news alert! A water filter system can be your appliances’ superhero. It kicks out the bad stuff, making your gadgets live their best lives.  

A 2009 study mentioned that water-softening systems can add 40% more time to your appliances’ party. Picture your washing machine happily chugging along for almost 11 years on soft water, instead of struggling at 7.7 years with hard water. 

4: Better Plumping Performance 

Using a water filter is like giving your plumbing system a superhero sidekick.  

It swoops in and tackles the bad guys, like lead, calcium, and the other sneaky minerals, making your water cleaner and your pipes happier. It’s like armor for your plumbing, keeping it safe from damage and the annoying maintenance that comes with limescale. 

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5: The Requirement of Less Detergent 

According to a study by Scientific Services, using soft or filtered water in your washing machine can slash detergent use by half and save energy.  

So, not only do water softeners help you save water and extend your appliance’s life, but they also cut down on the amount of detergent and cleaning stuff you need. Double win! 

6: Softer Nails and Hair 

You know, using a water filter isn’t just about getting soft water – it’s like a beauty upgrade for your hair, skin, and nails! First off, let’s talk about hair – filtering out those hard minerals makes your hair way happier. Say goodbye to damage and hello to soft, healthy locks.  

Now, onto the skin game. Soft water is like a superhero for your pores, keeping them unclogged and your skin feeling fresh. If you’re tired of dry, irritated skin, a water filter might just be your new skincare BFF. Get ready for that clear, beautiful glow! 

And guess what?  

Your nails are in for a treat too. No more dealing with mineral buildup or weird discoloration. Filtered water means saying goodbye to nail troubles – cuticle drama, and flaky skin, be gone! 

So, in a nutshell, a water filter isn’t just a gadget; it’s your ticket to a beauty boost from head to toe. Cheers to soft water and looking fabulous! 

7: Better Security and Safety 

Having a water purifier at home means you won’t have to rely on water deliveries. It also adds an extra layer of security because you won’t have to open your doors to strangers regularly.  

Especially in these times, letting people in and out of your home every week might not be the safest choice, considering they visit many homes each day. 

When you have your own water purifier, you are in control! You get to pick the brand, service, and tech that matches what you want. This gives you the assurance that the water you drink is safe and clean because you know how it’s filtered and what certifications it has.  

In addition, you can keep an eye on how well the filter is doing and ensure it’s getting the regular TLC it needs. And if you have questions about your water, your purifier service provider has your back. In any case, we’d still ask you to choose someone reliable like AQUA ANALYTIC. 

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