Top 10 Smartest Persons In The World Whom You Don’t Know About In 2023

    Top 5 Smartest Persons In The World Whom You Don't Know About In 2021

    Have you ever heard the saying that ‘if you are the smartest person in the class, you are in the wrong class’? It’s entirely true. Of course, how we judge if a person is intelligent or not depends on certain factors. But, some people have scored pathbreaking scores on all those aspects and become the most intelligent people the world has ever seen. So, let’s find out who the smartest person in the world is.

    If you want to know who is the smartest person in the world, you must know about their IQs. Now, measuring the IQ of someone is not an exact science, so the list of smartest people on the planet varies from one another. But, in this article, we will let you know about the top 10 smartest persons in the world that you may not know.

    Who Is The Smartest Person In The World? Let’s Take A Look At The Top 5 List

    If we talk about the smartest person in the world, the name of Stephen Hawking appears on our minds first. He had an approximate IQ between 160 and 170, undoubtedly the highest the world has ever seen.

    But, on this list, we will familiarize you with some unfamiliar names that can also be regarded as the smartest person in the world. Let’s check them out now:

    1: Paul Allen

    Paul Allen

    Paul Allen is said to have scored a flawless 1600 on the pre-1995 SAT. He beat out his Microsoft colleague Bill Gates by ten points in the exam. He also has an IQ of 160, according to the Mega Foundation.

    Now, he is 58 years old and is an American businessman. He is the chairman of Vulcan Inc., which has been dominating the American business market for more than 35 years now.

    Allen had to be clever to persuade IBM in 1980 that the five-year-old company Microsoft had a disc operating system that would function on Intel CPUs when it didn’t. A critical move led him to obtain the IBM contract, which has since then created a landmark in personal computing.

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    2: Edward Witten

    Edward Witten

    Edward Witten is probably the second smartest person in the world at present. Witten, a Baltimore native, is most famous for his string theory, M-theory, quantum gravity, and supersymmetry. He is widely regarded as the world’s finest living theoretical physicist. He is 70 years old. 

    He made it to the Time’s 100 most influential people in the world list of 2004. Like Hawking, Edward Witten has also received the Albert Einstein Award.

    Witten allegedly has an IQ of 202, which is a fictional number because only one person in seven billion people has that kind of intelligent brain. Now, we don’t know if his IQ is actually that huge or not, but he indeed is smart.

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    3: Andrew Wiles

    Andrew Wiles

    The third smartest person in the world, as per our list, is the 68-year-old English Mathematician Andrew Wiles. He is a Cambridge graduate and a professor at Princeton.

    He got several awards for his contribution to mathematics. Some of the most notable ones are a silver plaque from the International Mathematical Union, a National Academy of Sciences Award in Mathematics, and The Shaw Prize.

    This English mathematician is best recognized for solving Fermat’s Last Theorem in 1995, a 358-year-old number theory. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this theorem was regarded as the most challenging math problem, and Wiles solved it.

    He has an IQ of 170. However, his exclusive ability to solve math problems probably makes him eligible for an IQ of 200.

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    4: Ruth Lawrence smartest person in the world

    Ruth Lawrence

    Finally, we have someone on the list who is not so old. Ruth Lawrence’s age is 50 years and she is the subsequent smartest person in the world as per our list. The British mathematician was termed a “child prodigy” after getting her bachelor’s degree from Oxford University at the age of 13 in 1985.

    She earned her second bachelor’s degree in physics in 1986. She earned her doctorate of philosophy in mathematics from Oxford three years later.

    Ruth Lawrence smartest person in the world

    Lawrence is currently an associate professor of mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is the mother of four children, so I don’t think she has any family life.

    In addition, she is an expert in the obscure field of mathematical knots, which is said to be one of the most complex parts of algebra. Her IQ is 145. 

    5: Sabrina Pasterski smartest person in the world

    Sabrina Pasterski smartest person in the world

    Sabrina Pasterski’s age is only 28 years and is already regarded as the smartest person in the world. Well, if not the smartest person, she is one of the smartest, right? Paterski, a Chicago native, was the first woman in 20 years to graduate at the top of her undergraduate degree.

    She was a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard when she was only 22 years old. Pasterski began assembling her 1st kit aircraft engine at ten years old, and by the age of thirteen, she single-handedly managed to fly it. 

    Pasterski’s scientific paper on electromagnetic memory was even cited by Stephen Hawking himself in 2016. She has a perfect IQ score of 140. In 2015, she made it to the ‘Forbes 30 under 30 science list’.

    According to 2017 statistics, she was the third topmost trending scientist in the world. With a perfect 5.00 GPA score, she is taking the physics world by storm, so you can imagine why she made it on our list today.

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    6. Terrence Tao

    Terrance Tao is undoubtedly one of the smartest people in the world. In fact, he is one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of today’s time. He is a professor at UCLA. So, what is so smart about him, you asked? Well, he scored 760 on the SAT’s math portion when he was just a 9-year-old child.

    In fact, Tao earned his Ph.D. at the age of 20. They also got granted tenure of 24. A genius, Tao is often called the “the Mozart of math.” He has already gotten so many honorable awards and has published 17 books and hundreds of research papers.

    7. Christopher Langan One Of The smartest people in the world 

    Many call Christopher Langan the smartest man in the world. He is just a horse rancher and an autodidact. He reportedly has an IQ score according to the IQ tests. On ABC’s 20/20, it was estimated that Lagan had an IQ level of between 195 and 210 back in 1999. The journalists referred to him as the “smartest man in America.”

    8. Marilyn Vos Savant

    American Columnist and writer Marilyn Vos Savant reportedly has an IQ level of 228. After the news of the St. Louis-born writer’s IQ came out, she became a face overnight. Although her parents were already aware of her intelligence, they did not want to reveal it to the public due to the fear of commercial exploitation. According to the Stanford-Benet test, she already had a high IQ when she was only 10.

    Although she was associated with real estate, stocks, and investment-related industries earlier, she wanted to be a writer. Vos Savant basically wrote novels and short stories under a pseudonym.

    9. Judit Polgár

    It is said that the chess players are among the smartest in the world. Judit Polgar proves that notion right through her IQ test, resulting in a score of 170. Polgár is the Hungarian chess grandmaster.

    She is also globally revered as the best female chess player of all time. She gained the title of Grandmaster when she was only 15 years and four months of age. She was the youngest chess player to have that title at that time. She broke the record of Bobby Fischer to become the grandmaster of chess.

    10. Richard Rosener

    Not all the smartest people in the world are related to the field of science. Some have IQ levels of close to 200, but they are writers or are in a profession other than science. Richard Rosner is one of these icons. He has an IQ of 192. Rosner is an American television writer, and he is also a reality TV show personality. Rosner’s IQ test shows a high level of intelligence, which is quite rare in his line of work.

    Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

    This article has tried to answer your burning question of ‘who is the smartest person in the world.’ We have also handpicked a few related questions in this section so that you can find out some more details about the smartest people in the world. So, let’s take a good look at them now;

    1: Who Has The Highest IQ In 2021?

    Ans: If we judge the average IQ score of all the countries globally, it looks like the Asians have got it all wrapped up. The list includes Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, Mongolia, and Iceland as the top 10 countries with the highest IQ

    2: Who Is The No. 1 Intelligent Person In The World?

    Ans: Issac Newton is still regarded as the most intelligent person in the world. Although he is dead, his records of groundbreaking discoveries in Physics are something that the world has not seen before. He was the greatest scientist, astronomer, alchemist, and mathematician in the world. 

    3: Who Is The Smartest Person In The World Right Now In 2021?

    Ans: According to recent studies, Christopher Michael Langan is the smartest person in the world right now. He is said to have an IQ between 195 and 210, which is the highest IQ so far in the world. He is an American autodidact and horse rancher by profession, and he is currently 69 years old. 

    Wrapping it Up

    We promised to let you know the name of the smartest person in the world, and we did. We also included some names that probably all of you don’t know about. We could have included names of geniuses like Einstein, Galileo, or Newton on this list, but you know about them, right?

    We have included these uncommon names on this list because we don’t want you to think that geniuses were only born in that era. Even this era has its own intellectuals, no matter how hard it is to beat the old record-holders.

    So, you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section and ping us too if you have any more questions.

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