7 Ways To Keep Your Delivery Vehicle In Tip-top Shape

Delivery Vehicle

A delivery vehicle greatly contributes to the success of your business. It’ll ensure you deliver goods and services to clients on time. The result is increased customer satisfaction and retention, setting your company up for success.  

However, you’ll only enjoy these benefits if your delivery vehicle is in tip-top shape. How do you do this?

Checkout Seven Prime Ways To Keep Your Delivery Vehicle In Tip-top Shape

Here are ways to guide you on the journey of keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape:

your delivery vehicle

1. Always Use Quality Parts

The constant use of your delivery vehicle increases the chances of repairs and replacements. The issue with repair services is the use of counterfeit or low-quality parts.

Using low-quality parts might negatively affect other components of the vehicle. It’s best to source your vehicle’s spare parts from reputable manufacturers. Most, if not all, only deal with legitimate products to protect their brand. 

Alternatively, find a reliable vendor or supplier known for quality goods. Confirm their legitimacy by checking their reviews. Recommendations from their previous and current clients will also come in handy.

Lastly, even as you focus on quality parts, it’s important to consider the ease of use. Suppose your car’s exhaust system is loose. Purchase easy to use v band clamps. The aim is to achieve functionality, even as you look at other benefits.  

2. Take Note Of Warning Signs

Thanks to technology, vehicles alert you when there’s an issue. They often do this through warning lights. However, you can also pinpoint vehicle issues via observation.

Warning lights are present on your dashboard. Your vehicle dashboard has symbols representing various parts of your vehicle. Common ones are the engine, batter, brake pads, fuel, doors, and seatbelts. If any of these has an issue, they’ll light up.

It’s important to note that the lighting will be in different colors; red, yellow, green, or orange, each with a different meaning. The color to look out for is red. It shows a complete failure of the illuminated system, and it needs urgent attention.

On the other hand, you can pinpoint an issue on your vehicle through hearing or seeing. A squealing brake pad indicates that it’s worn out and requires replacement.

As you pinpoint issues, ensure you address them as soon as possible. Waiting to address them later increases the damage, which is more challenging and expensive to handle.

3. Regularly Change Your Oil And Filters

Oil and filters are some of the major components of your vehicle. The oil lubricates your engine’s moving parts and makes sure each component runs smoothly. In contrast, the filters filter the air entering your engine. It ensures only clean air gets to your engine, enabling efficiency.

Inefficient oil and filters will make your engine, the heart of your vehicle, run inefficiently. Changing them regularly is the way to go.

Ensure you use the right oil for your engine. The right oil is the one meant for your vehicle brand and model and also one of good quality.

Regarding the filters, use the right-sized ones. It’d help to visit the vendor with a sample of the filter. It ensures you get the right one. Alternatively, have your mechanic buy the filter for you.

4. Be Religious With Servicing

Servicing is an integral activity of any vehicle. It entails inspecting the delivery vehicle and repairing and replacing any damaged parts. The result is a vehicle in optimum condition.

How often should you service your vehicle?

Most vehicle manufacturers will direct on the frequency and interval of servicing. They often base this on the vehicle’s mileage. Therefore, take note of these figures. Your mechanic can guide you and ensure you don’t miss any service.

It’s best to have only one mechanic servicing your delivery vehicle. It gives room for accountability should anything go amiss with your vehicle. And keep records of your servicing. Doing so allows you to know when to repair or replace a part.

5. Always Inspect Your Tires

Tires are one of the car components that depict the overall health of your delivery vehicle. A punctured tire can cause an accident that damages your vehicle.

The main aspect to check is the tire’s air pressure, denoted as PSI (Pound per Square Inch). Different vehicles have ideal PSI levels. Car manufacturers denote this figure. Thus, find out what your vehicle requires and maintain these levels. Your drivers should be aware of these figures too.

6. Hire Competent Drivers

Your delivery vehicle driver will have your vehicle 95% of the time as they. Thus, they greatly contribute to its well-being. One ideal way of ensuring it’s in tip-top shape is having a competent driver drive it.

The focus should be on their driving skills. Do they drive carefully? Do they shift the gears accordingly? How do they handle your vehicle?

What depicts a competent driver?

One is a valid driving license. It proves the driver has undergone training and has driving skills. Therefore, they’ll drive your vehicle from the point of know-how.

The other aspect that depicts competency is experience. Experience allows the mastery of skills. A driver with experience has better driving skills than one with minimal experience. It’s best to hire a driver who’s driven for several years, at least five years.

It’d help to train your drivers regularly in driving skills. It enhances their skills, enabling them to handle your delivery vehicle better. Their competent skills contribute to the overall success of your delivery business.

7. Maintain A Clean Vehicle

A clean vehicle has many benefits compared to a dirty one. These benefits contribute to your delivery vehicle’s tip-top shape.

Besides cleanliness is second to Godliness, a clean vehicle allows you to pinpoint issues easily and quickly. Dirt embedded in your vehicle covers issues like oil leaks, especially if the dirt has been there for a long time. 

You may resell your delivery vehicle to acquire another one at a given point. In such situations, getting the best deal is the end goal. How much will you sell it for?

Most buyers assess the car’s condition before buying. A car’s condition directly affects its value. A dirty car appears old and worn out, characteristics that reduce its value. Hence, you won’t likely get the best price from the sale.

Longevity is another factor you want to achieve with your delivery vehicle. It ensures you get value for your money. A dirty car will reduce its longevity. Suppose there’s mud stuck on your vehicle’s body, and it’s been there for some time.

Over time, the dirt becomes hard to remove. Should it come off, it’ll peel the paint off your vehicle, increasing its chances of rusting. This is the beginning of your vehicle’s downfall.


Keeping your delivery vehicle in tip-top shape isn’t as challenging as you might have assumed. As seen from the discussion above, the process entails simple but effective practices. It’s best to implement the insight. It’ll ensure your delivery vehicle serves you for the longest time possible.

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