How To Endorse A Check – Step By Step Guide In 2021

how to endorse a check

In this day and age, endorsing a check has become one of the most done business activities. Therefore you should know how to endorse a check, or you are going to lag behind. 

Since you are reading this article, chances are you want to learn how to endorse a check; if that is the case, then do not worry, as, through this article, I will be telling you the complete process in which you can successfully endorse a check. 

What Does Endorse A Check Means?

Endorse A CheckWhen you receive a check, you usually need to sign the back and cash or deposit it to the bank or mail it or ATM. Endorsing a check means signing it on the back. However, some people don’t know how to endorse a check because there are some other processes of endorsing a check.

It depends on what you want to do with the check and how the check is written. Before you understand how to endorse a check, it’s important to learn the basics of check endorsement and its types.  

Types Of Endorsement

Here are different types of endorsements you should understand properly. After that, you will learn how to endorse a check for each type.  

  • Blank Endorsement: This type of endorsement is the most common one where the payee only signs at the back to cash or deposit the check. Anyone who has the endorsed check can deposit or cash the check. 
  • Restrictive Endorsement: Restrictive endorsement is the safe option because it restricts the deposit. Even if anyone has the endorsed check, the amount will only be deposited to the account number you provide in the endorsement area. 
  • Third-Party Endorsement: This type of endorsement check is usually suitable for paying contractors or service providers. Here you need to mention “Pay to the Order of,” followed by the name of the person or business in the endorsement area. 
  • Mobile Deposit Endorsement: In this type of endorsement, you can remotely deposit your check. You need to write “For mobile deposit only” above your signature in the endorsement area. 

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Simple Steps On How To Endorse A Check

Steps To Endorse A CheckSince there are different types of endorsement, the steps may vary a little. For blank endorsement, only your signature is necessary. On the other hand, you may have to provide other details for other types of endorsement. 

Step 1: Verify The Information Of The Check

First and foremost, you have to verify all the information provided in the check and ensure that they are correct. If the person who wrote the check made any mistake in spelling your name, you should return them and ask for another one with correct spelling. Again verify that the check includes all other essential information such as date, amount, signature, etc. 

Step 2: Determine Who Should Endorse The Check

If there is only your name on the check, only your signature is required. However, if another name is mentioned with your name, the person may also need to sign on the back. If there is “and,” or symbol “&” between the two names, both of the persons need to sign on the back. If there is “or,” or symbol dash or slash, either of the persons can sign and cash the check. 

Step 3: Find The Endorsement Area On The Back And Endorse It

After you verify the details and determine who should endorse the check, find the endorsement area on the backside of the check. Usually, you will get three or five grey lines where you have to endorse the check or provide other details if required. Don’t write anything below the solid line, which will be used for official use for processing the check. 

Step 4: Only Sign Your Name If It’s A Blank Endorsement Check

Put your signature on the endorsement area and ensure that it is the same as the name on your ID or bank account. If it’s different, the bank official may reject the check. Ensure that the spelling is correct. If it’s a business check, mention the name of your business and sign your name below it. 

Step 5: Provide Other Details If It’s Not A Blank Endorsement 

For restricted endorsement, you need to mention: “For Deposit Only” on the top. Then you need to provide the account number where you want to deposit the check. Next, you need to sign as usual. If you are signing your check for a third-party, you need to ensure it from the bank first. 

Since many banks refuse third-party checks, it’s crucial to ask the bank before you sign over it to someone else. For third-party endorsement, you need to mention “Pay to the Order of” at the top of the endorsement lines, followed by the name of the person below it, and finally, put your signature. 

Step 6: Cash Or Deposit Your Check ASAP

Once you endorse the check, you should cash or deposit it as soon as possible. Otherwise, anyone who finds it can cash the check. So, it’s important to cash or deposit as soon as you endorse it. You have learned how to endorse a check step by step; take a look at some common questions related to the endorsement of a check. 

FAQs On How To Endorse A Check

Now that you understand how to endorse a check, go through the frequently asked questions, which will give you some clarity about check endorsement.

  • What Do You Write On The Back Of A Check To Endorse It?

First of all, you need to sign the back of the check within the given area for endorsement. If you are endorsing it for someone else, you need to sign in the back and write: “Pay to the order of (name of the person).” Ensure that you write within the space provided for endorsement, don’t write anything below the line. 

  • Can Someone Cash My Stimulus check? 

Unfortunately, someone else can cash your stimulus check if they get hold of it. However, there are exceptions, but you need to be careful about checks and ensure that they won’t reach the wrong address. 

  • Can I Remote Deposit My Stimulus Check? 

The answer is yes if your bank offers you a mobile app or the facilities for remote deposit. However, it’s better to deposit your check at your bank. If the situation is such that you don’t have any option except remote deposit, then go with it. 

  • What Are The 4 Types Of Endorsements?

As mentioned above, the four main types of endorsements are as follows:

  1. Blank Endorsement
  2. Mobile Deposit Endorsement
  3. Restrictive Endorsement
  4. Special Endorsement

Apart from these, there are other types of endorsements, such as; qualified and conditional endorsement. 

Have You Learned How To Endorse A Check?

I hope the above information has helped you to learn how to endorse a check. Now use this guide to determine the right endorsement and review its purpose. Next time when you endorse a check, do it with confidence. Lastly, please share your thoughts on this post in the comments section.

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