ZipBooks Accounting: How Does It Help Streamline Your Finances?

Simplifying Tax Season With ZipBooks

ZipBooks is a new accounting and bookkeeping software that is based on the cloud and basically designed for self-employed accountants as well as small businesses. The best part about the software is that it is a great option for beginners and is easy to learn due to its simple interface. With a list of amazing features and functionality, this software has fast become one of the favorites in the market.

In this article, you will basically come across one of the best ZipBooks reviews you can get anywhere. Apart from that, we will also share with you some of the general details of the software. If you are looking for software for your business’ bookkeeping and accounting needs, then ZipBooks is one of the best ones you will get. Hence, to learn more about this useful accounting software, read on through to the end of the article.


ZipBooks – A Brief Survey

ZipBooks – A Brief Survey

According to the official website of ZipBooks,

You don’t have to have an accounting degree to keep immaculate records for your business. ZipBooks provides you with a smart way to track all your transactions, keep on top of what you owe and who owes you, and figure out how much your business is actually making.”

The best thing about this software is that it can be used for individuals and businesses alike, especially if it is a small business with less turnover. Furthermore, ZipBooks for nonprofits is also a great option. In comparison to other accounting software options like ZohoBooks and QuickBooks, the trial period of ZipBooks is better. The software is available for free for the first thirty days. Hence, if you are considering making a purchase, you can use it for free to check it beforehand.

Apart from that, there is also a free version that you can use forever. To upgrade to the premium features, you will need to make a purchase of the app. The free version of the software also contains a number of accounting and invoicing features, which are helpful for regular necessary tasks for individuals and businesses alike. If you are a freelancer or an independent accountant, you might not need to upgrade to a paid version.

ZipBooks – A Great Option For Self-Employed And Small Businesses

ZipBooks – A Great Option

According to a review from,

ZipBooks offers project management tools that allow users to create tasks, assign them to team members and track performance with a built-in time-tracker. ZipBooks Accountants can text their clients directly from the app for streamlined communication and reconciliation.”

Furthermore, a great thing about ZipBooks is that you will not face difficulty if you start using the software. Let’s say even if you come across any issue, you will get a detailed base of knowledge. The platform will also link you to different help articles that are easy to understand, with the help of which you will be in a better position to understand how the software works in the first place.

The pricing plans of ZipBooks are also created in such a way as to include all types of people coming with different levels of accounting needs. The following are the different prices of ZipBooks subscriptions, based on the level of features:

FreeSend unlimited invoices
Accept digital payments (Square or PayPal)
Manage unlimited vendors & customers
Connect one bank account
View Basic Reports
$15 per MonthSchedule recurring invoices with auto-bill
Save invoice line itemsAutomate remindersTrack time
Connect multiple bank accounts
Add 5 team members
Receive account notifications
$35 per MonthOrganize books with smart tagging (by location, project, and custom)
Reconcile every account quickly
Customize categories (chart of accounts)
Lock completed books
Generate insightful reports
Share documents securely
Invite unlimited users
Custom PricingText clients directly from ZipBooks
Export financial packages
Edit transactions in bulk
Track time across client accounts
Co-brand your firm on client accounts
Migrate existing accounting data
Manage clients from one dashboard

What Are Some Of The Major Features Of ZipBooks?

What Are Some Of The Major Features Of ZipBooks

Although the ZipBooks software has a variety of helpful modules, it still does not support big and bulky functionalities, which are not needed for small businesses. The following are some of the major features associated with ZipBooks:

  • ZipBooks helps you streamline the accounting processes with the help of some essential accounting instruments, making bookkeeping easier.
  • You will get some of the essential accounting tools that are enough for a small and growing business to focus on growth and stay ahead.
  • Bank reconciliation is easier as you can eliminate various inconsistencies between your account and the record in the bank.
  • There are also various features to transfer transaction data from bank statements to the ZipBooks software.
  • With the help of the billing management feature, creating and sending invoices through the software will be really easier. The auto-billing function will also help you to manage recurring bills.
  • You can also get actionable insights from the software based on your data.

Essential Pros And Cons That You Need To Know About ZipBooks

Essential Pros And Cons

The following are some of the major pros and cons of ZipBooks:

Pros of ZipBooksCons of ZipBooks
Amazing software for small businesses and entry-level businesses. Great for scaling growth. The simple app and the functions are easy to learn. The versatile and intuitive dashboard helps in this regard. There are also many functions and features on the client portal. The pricing plan is great and affordable for businesses that are on the verge of growth.You can only use a limited number of monthly invoices. This can create problems when your business is growing. Limited tools on calculations of tax, which are key for the business. Most of the focus is on the sales tax. The audit trail tool is not available in the United States. This tool is only found in the UK and other European countries.

Final Thoughts

Small business owners, accountants, and contractors are always looking to find the best accounting software for their organizations and enterprises. If you want accounting software, you might already know how helpful ZipBooks can be in managing expenses, billable hours, payments, and more. What do you think about this app? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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