How To Write A Check- Step By Step Guide (2021)

how to write a check

Even though digital payment methods have become widely popular, checks are still used for making various transactions. So, it’s important to know how to write a check. Maybe you don’t write a check regularly, or probably you have never written a check before; this article will help you with the step-by-step process of how to write a check. 

Here I have explained one step by another, but you can fill in the details in any order you want. Ensure that you don’t miss any vital information no matter how you fill in the details. I recommend you to fill the check from top to bottom, so you don’t miss anything by mistake. 

Steps On How To Write A Check?

Steps To Write A CheckAlthough you can write the check the way you want, it’s better to fill in the details in the following manner.

  1. Put the date
  2. Fill in the name of the payee (person or organization).
  3. Write the amount in numbers in the box next to the ‘$’ symbol.
  4. Next, write the amount in words in the long text line. 
  5. Put your signature at the bottom right corner. 
  6. Optional: Here, you can add a note in the bottom-left corner where it says “MEMO:” or “RE:”

Understand in Detail How to Write a Check

Here is a detailed explanation of every step so that you don’t make any mistakes while filling in the details. 

Step 1: Put The Date

First and foremost, put the date on the top right corner of the check. It will help to know when you wrote this. It’s important because a check has a validity period, after which it becomes invalid and called a stale check

Step 2: Write Name Of Payee

In the next line, you have to write the name of the payee. Here you can also write “cash” if you are unsure about the name. However, it’s riskier because anyone can get the cash out of it. So, it’s better to confirm the name and write it before you give it to the payee. 

Step 3: Write Amount In Numeric Forms

You have to write the amount in two spots on the check. First, you have to write it on the box in numeric form. There is a small rectangular box next to the dollar ($) symbol where you have to write the amount numerically. For example, 150.55. Ensure that you write the amount in numerical form neatly and clearly so that the person, bank, or ATM can easily understand it. 

Step 4: Write Amount In Words

Next, you need to write the amount in words. Here you have to be careful about the cents value. If the amount includes some cents, you need to mention it over 100. Let’s take the above example of $150.55. After writing the amount in numeric form, you need to write it in words as: “One Hundred Fifty and 55/100.” If the amount is round, that means there are no cents (e.g., $150.00), then also you have to follow the same format as: “One Hundred Fifty and 00/100.”

Step 5: Write A Note (MEMO) – It’s Optional

Among various parts of the check, this part is optional, but it’s useful to know why you wrote the check. In the memo area, you can simply write “Water Bill” or “Rent for Month Name” for paying any bills. Sometimes the company might ask you to mention your account number in the memo area if you are paying through check.  

Step 6: Put Your Signature

Finally, you have to put your signature in the bottom-right corner. Ensure that you have put the same signature that you used while opening the checking account. Any mismatch in the signature can lead to the cancellation of the check. Again, a check is invalid without your signature. So, it’s the final and also crucial step of how to write a check guide.  

FAQs On How To Write A Check

I have described how to write a check with the necessary details. Here are some frequently asked questions that you can read to get some more clarity.

  • What Are The 5 Easy Steps To Writing A Check?

As mentioned above, the five easy steps to writing a check are as follows:

  1. Fill in the date.
  2. Write the name of the payee in the next line.
  3. Write the amount in numeric form in the box next to the dollar symbol.
  4. Write the amount in words in the next line provided for amounts.
  5. Finally, put your signature on the bottom-right corner of the check. 
  • How Do You Write $500 On A Check?

As you know that you have to write the amount two times; (1) numeric form, (2) word form. In numeric form, write 500.00 in the box right next to the dollar ($) symbol. In other words, you have to write “Five Hundred and 00/100” or “Five Hundred Only” in the line provided for amounts in words. 

  • How Do You Write Amounts In Words On A Check?

When writing in words, you might face two situations; (1) First, the amount is only in dollars without any cents, (2) Second case, the amount is with cents. Let’s understand this with an example. For the first case, if it’s 150 dollars only: write “One  Hundred Fifty and 00/100” or “One Hundred Fifty Only.” For the second case, if the amount is ($ 150.35): write “One Hundred Fifty and 35/100.”

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above information has helped you learn how to write a check correctly in simple steps. Keep a few things in mind while writing a check. Write neatly and try to avoid cursive writing for the purpose of clarity. In case there are any errors or mistakes, write a new one. After writing, always double-check that you have written the name of the recipient and the amount correctly. 

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