Is Gap Factory Worth It? Things You Should Know Before Using It

Is Gap Factory Worth It

In the present era, people of all ages are quite picky about fashion. In such a scenario, the fashion brands always face keen competition in satisfying the customer’s needs and sustaining in the market. Nowadays, most people are loyal to some of the other brands. 

So, if you are crazy about GAP, the prominent fashion brand, this article is for you. Here, you can learn about the GAP Factory and its worthiness. Keep reading, and you would surely end up visiting their site and adding up some items to your cart. 

Well, amazingly, GAP Factory has a lot of outlets in the US and many other major countries in the world. It is all up to you regarding the choice of the shopping approach. For now, have a look at the following points:

Gap Factory: Is It Worthy?

GAP Factory is a subsidiary company of the main organization, GAP. It is ideal for people who look for cheaper clothes that do not belong to a top-notch brand. However, the quality and fabric remain more or less the same. 

This company was founded in 2007, and now there are several GAP Factory outlets in the US and abroad. You can get all types of fashion accessories in the GAP outlets. Moreover, it has an e-commerce website that can enable customers to order a lot of clothes and pay safely. 

As of now, the total number of GAP Factory stores pan the globe is over 3000. It sells different types of clothes for men, women, and children. You can easily search for the GAP Factory locations on the internet. 

So, you see that it is worthy enough because it carries the name and a little bit of fame of a top fashion brand. So, you get an answer to the question of what is GAP factory is.

Well, now you have only one work left to do. Read the following part of the article and search for its hours in your locality to start shopping. 

Things You Should Know Before Using It

Things You Should Know Before Using It

When it comes to the characteristics, you can consider GAP Factory unique. There are many things that you must know before using it. Have a look at the following points, and you will understand everything:

Benefits Of Purchasing Clothes From Gap Factory

There are some exciting benefits of purchasing clothes from them. All these benefits are why a major part of the middle-class mass has turned into loyal customers.

1. Gap Factory Deals With Quality Products

Gap Factory Deals With Quality Products

It is a fact that they deal with inferior quality products compared to GAP. However, you should never tag them as a brand that compromises quality. On the contrary, all products of this brand can lead in terms of quality compared with many other fashion brands. So even if you buy GAP Factory pajamas, expect to get that outstanding comfort. 

2. Extensive Product Variety

It is one of the best global fashion brands in product variety. As you already know that it deals with clothes for people irrespective of gender and age, you can count on the product variety.

So, you get a lot of choices when you buy a GAP Factory dress. All you would need to do is check for the color and design before buying a product. Similarly, if you buy any fashion accessories, check for their make and durability.

3. A Healthy Exchange Policy

A Healthy Exchange Policy

Many brands ruin their reputation due to an unsatisfactory exchange policy. The main reason behind it is the customer’s wrath. It is a lovable brand to many customers, given such a backdrop.

Most customers love the exchange policy as it is easy and transparent. If you do not love a product or the size does not fit, just visit an outlet. Even if you have bought a product from their e-commerce site, there is a chance to change it from the GAP Factory outlet.

4. Gap Factory Return Policy

Apart from the exchange policy, you can get the return policy too. Amazingly, you can get a refund while opting for GAP Factory returns. It is possible both from the outlet or the e-commerce sites. Expect to complete the returning process soon as it is quite short. They ensure that you get the right product after exchanging if you desire to take a new product.

5. Several Rewards And Benefits

Several Rewards And Benefits

If you are a new customer who is willing to switch to GAP Factory, there are chances that you never change the brand ever. Therefore, expect to get several rewards and benefits from the brand’s end. Some common rewards that you can get are as follows:

  • Discounts on the first purchase
  • Bonus points on every purchase
  • Points for being regular customers

6. Presence of Gift Cards

As you slowly understand what is GAP Factory and know the facts about it, it is time to ponder on the gift cards. There are multiple gift cards that you can get from the store and the e-commerce website. Generally, they provide two types of gift cards to customers. They are electronic gift cards and traditional gift cards. 

A fun fact about these gift cards is that you can redeem both cards flexibly on the e-commerce site or a store. So, there would always be a chance of money back. 

7. Affordable Product Pricing

Last but not least, the pricing of the products at Gap Factory is incredibly affordable. You will find products with equivalent qualities as products of some of the top and most famous brands. Besides, they offer 40 to 70% discounts on summer sales. You will find products for as little price as $9. The products may come at a cheaper cost, but they are not cheap. The quality of the clothes is decent, and you can wear them for a long time. 

Gap Vs Gap Factory: Here’s What Is Different!

Gap Vs Gap Factory Here’s What Is Different!

Well, let me be clear on one thing, shopping at GapFactory does not mean shopping at Gap. The Gap Factory is far from an outlet. The clothes sold at the Gap Factory are not leftovers from Gap. In fact, they get manufactured separately.

Once you compare from the perspective of quality, features, and craftsmanship, here are some differences you will find –

  • The first difference between GAP and GAP Factory products is visible in how the logos are designed. The logos in Gap factory jeans have a horizontal label reading “Gap Denim.” But, if you buy jeans from GAP, the logo appears squarely, containing the word GAP.
  • A leather patch is behind the right hip of the Gap jeans you wear. But, if you buy the jeans from Gap factory, you will see no such patch.  
  • The jeans from GAP include more branding information on the inside pockets of the products. The brand logo, care instruction, and product info is on the inside of the products of the GAP jeans. But, no such logo, info, or instruction is visible on the GAP factory product. 
  • If you want button-fly jeans, then you need to choose products from GAP. GAP Factory Products, on the other hand, are zip-fly jeans. 
  • Also, you will not find Selvedge denim jeans at GAP Factory. They are exclusively available at GAP. 
  • Regarding product quality and standing different numbers of washes, GAP products stand out more. On the other hand, the GAP Factory products lack the same amount of quality and craftsmanship. 
  • Some of the cheaper cotton products sold at Gap Factory tend to be itchy. This is due to the quality issues. 

All About GAP Visa Credit Card

All About GAP Visa Credit Card

Apart from the benefits given in this article, it is necessary to know about the GAP Visa credit card and its relevance with GAP Factory. This card can earn you many points and discounts if you regularly purchase from GAP Factory. Take a look at the points below:

Reward points:

  • 5 points on $1 spent purchasing clothing or accessories from GAP, GAP Factory, or any other subsidiary. 
  • 1 point on $1 spent for miscellaneous purchases on any store that accepts Visa. 
  • A 500 points benchmark would also earn you a $5 reward. 


  • A 10% discount on every product you buy from its store. 
  • A 20% flat discount on the first shipping of any product. 

Now, apart from the above rewards with GAP Visa credit card, you can get a chance to become a ‘Silver’ customer. However, it can only occur if you become a big spender. As per the parameter, you can only become a ‘Silver’ status customer if you spend more than 5000 reward points in a year. IN this case, the rewards would be:

  • A 20% quarterly bonus on the recent rewards.
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Choice of the sale day
  • Alteration options 

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

1. Is Gap Factory Owned By Gap?

GAP Factory is a subsidiary organization of GAP. It controls all their websites. The main control headquarters are located in California and San Francisco. 

2. Can You Return Gap Factory To Gap?

It is impossible to return an item bought from GAP Factory to GAP. However, you can return it to a store even if you have bought it from the e-commerce site.

3. Is Gap In The USA?

Yes, GAP is a global fashion brand with its headquarters in the US. It has about 2406 stores in the country.

4. What Is The Difference Between Gap And Gap Factory?

GAP and GAP Factory are two different organizations. However, they share one common mother organization.

Final Take Away

When it comes to a global fashion brand with two subsidiaries with an almost similar name, confusion is quite normal. However, now you have an idea about GAP Factory.

It can be your best choice if you desire to save some bucks on clothes. The best you can do is become a ‘Silver’ member of the GAP Factory and enjoy the discounts and rewards while shopping.

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