Dunzo Merchant Review: Everything You Should Know In 2022


Do you want to know about Dunzo Merchant Company and wish to seek their assistance for your business development?

The Dunzo Merchant is a business research platform that helps clients in India and abroad frame their business strategies and policies.

They use cutting-edge information technology to gather all the essential data from varied sources to represent the 360-degree views for all the registered businesses in India. India’s leading Financial company’s depends on them for making their financial decisions.


Inception Story Of Dunzo Merchants

Inception Story Of Dunzo Merchants

Dunzo merchants started their business operations on 22nd  December 2020 at the time of the Pandemic.

The primary aim of its founders, Kabir Khokan Biswas and Kartik Prasad Mishra, was to help the Kirana stores and small retail shops to perform their business activities smoothly.

However, these two innovative duos have converted the adverse situation in favor of the small retail shop owners. They have acquired their first 7 lakh users by word of mouth communication.

Different Types Of Services Dunzo Merchant Offers

Different Types Of Services Dunzo Merchant Offers

There are several types of services. Dunzo merchant offers to its client. You need to follow specific client reviews and details to know the level of genuine services it provides to its clients.

You have to understand the facts before drawing any kind of conclusion about them. They are working 24×7 to offer quality services to their clients all across the country.

There are some specific business niches in which they have their expertise. You have to know these businesses where they can offer their quality services. Some of them are as follows-

1. Digital Marketing Services

At the darkest time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world suffers from lockdown and high death rate issues.

At the same time, Dunzo merchants were helping the local Kirana shops and small-scale retailers to develop their business in the right direction.

It offers digital marketing solutions and E-commerce support to the small-scale retailers of the country.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunzo Merchants have offered hyper-local logistics solutions to the small retail owners in Bangalore initially and later to the rest of the country.

This small innovative effort of Dunzo merchants has converted them into a bigger organization today.

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2. Supports Logistics & Supply Chain Of Small Scale Stores

Supports Logistics & Supply Chain Of Small Scale Stores

It offers an alternative E-commerce platform to various small-scale retail shop owners to develop their businesses at the time of crisis and even today also.

It offers logistical support to various small-scale retail owners to develop their business to the next level.

Dunzo Merchants operates its services in three phases: delivery executive or the partner, Source or the merchant, and end-users. However, it is specialized in offering world-class services to its clients at an affordable rate.

3. Helps In Inventory Management

One of the biggest challenges for small-scale retail owners is inventory management, especially during the COVID-19 situation.

The Dunzo Merchants have done the best thing to reduce the pressure of inventory management of the small-scale retail owners.

You can register your company by logging in to the Dunzo merchant dashboard. After this, your worries about stock tracking, inventory management will ultimately be over.

In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support in the language of your choice. You just need to register in their app or website to get the things done in the correct order.

4. Identifies The Demand Prediction Of A Company

The API tracker of the Dunzo merchant E-commerce platform will show you the demand pattern of your company’s products and services.

They help you to identify the demand prediction of your company. For the first time, small-scale shop owners can register their business in the digital platform due to this company.

It will help them to increase their market reach in a short period. Dunzo merchant onboarding is an innovative solution for small-scale retailers all over the globe.

5. Stock Keeping

The Stockeeping services are one of the best services of this company. Unfortunately, most of the small-scale retailers suffer due to a lack of strategic planning for effective stock-keeping services.

Dunzo Merchant offers innovative ways to improve the stock-keeping services to the kiranas. They use the POS systems to provide the required products to the Customers of small businesses.

However, if you want to expand your small retail shops beyond the nation’s boundaries, you can opt for the Stock keeping services of this company. Already 900SKU’s ( Store Keeping Units) are working under their belt.

This is why the scope of getting better services from these platforms increases when you seek the services of this platform.

What Is The Process Of Dunzo Merchant Registration?

What Is The Process Of Dunzo Merchant Registration?

There is certainly a simple registration process you have to follow for your Dunzo Merchant registration. Just you need to follow some simple steps:-

Step-1:- Just make a login with your mobile number and email Id first and give the complete details of your KYC.

Step-2:-  Give your small retail shops registration number and the details of the deliverables.

Step-3:- You can install their Dunzo app to complete the registration process with ease.

In Which Cities Of India Dunzo Offers Its Services?

In Which Cities Of India Dunzo Offers Its Services?

It offers its services in various cities of India. Some of these are as follows:-

  • Gurgaon.
  • Bangalore.
  • Pune.
  • Mumbai.
  • Delhi.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Chennai.

These are Dunzo’s core cities that offer its customers quality services. Therefore, you. You need to decide about investments in this company after knowing these core factors.

Critical Factors To Note About Dunzo Merchants

Critical Factors To Note About Dunzo Merchants

You need to know certain key factors before seeking their services. Some of these core factors are as follows:-

  • Currently, it has 2lakh plus deliverables all over the country.
  • The Average delivery time the Dunzo delivery boys take is 23 minutes.
  • Today, they have achieved 6000+ delivery partner landmarks.
  • Its deliverable covers an average distance of 4.1kms.

Dunzo Merchant Alternatives  

Businesses and organizations have been using different delivery services that help them connect with their customers. Dunzo merchant is not the only service there is. Here are some worth mentioning alternatives of the same.

Thrive Pizza Point-Of-Sale   

Granbury Solutions developed this premier POS product to help out restaurants that deliver pizzas. There is no need to say how important food delivery services are in today’s time.


Small businesses nowadays need a reliable logistics service. The dunzo merchant was indeed a solution. But there are alternatives like Track-POD to help out businesses with one dashboard solution.


DispatchTrack is one of the leading logistic service providers. When businesses make a promise to their customer to deliver orders on time, DispatchTrack Helps keep that promise.


Small businesses ( restaurants ) best in the cities will be able to boost their takeout sales by 200% thanks to Postmates. At least, this is the number they claim when marketing themselves as a logistics service. Make the most out of your existing customers and create new ones with the help of PostMates.


If you are looking for a proper delivery service that helps you deliver orders in town, then try delivery.com. I know that you have heard that name before. They are great for delivering online orders from local stores, liquor stores, grocery, and restaurants. If you are looking for Dunzo merchant alternatives, then this might be it.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Here are some questions and answers people usually ask about Dunzo Merchant –

Q1. Is Dunzo an excellent and trustworthy company?

Ans. They provide a good work environment and work culture to its employees, and the management of this company is transparent in its decision-making process towards its employees. As a result, career growth is possible in this company.

Q2. IS Dunzo a Failure?

Ans. Initially, in 2019, this company faced losses, but after 2020, due to the pandemic, the demand for this company has increased a lot. Therefore, you have to make your choices in the correct direction before making your investments.

Q3. Will Dunzo be profitable?

Ans. The company’s management has performed well after 2020 and created some new landmarks. As a result, it is expected to multiply and more leads it will generate from its business in the upcoming years.

Final Take Away

After all these discussions, if you have any more queries left in your mind, you can visit their official website. Dunzo Merchants have worked like a Champion in times of crisis.

They offer quality support and services to clients all over the globe. However, you have to understand the facts before making your investments in their websites.

Work out your plans well to achieve your objectives in the correct order. Today they are one of the best E-commerce suppliers for the B2B stores in the country.

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