Worst Places To Smoke In The Home

Worst Places To Smoke In The Home

Smoking indoors does not just put people on the property at risk of secondhand smoke. It can also leave behind an unpleasant odor that is difficult to get rid of without professional help. Many of the homeowners just search the places to smoke near me to find the close areas for smoking weed or cigarettes. The reason is simple: everyone knows smoking in the house is pretty harmful to health.

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4 Worst Places To Smoke In Your Home

Everyone knows why it is bad to smoke in public places. But do you know that even smoking in your house is not very secure?

Keep reading to find out which rooms you must never smoke in and what are the few worst places to smoke.

1. The Bedroom

The Bedroom

Mattresses can be highly flammable and make a great source of fuel for fire. Should you fall asleep or get drowsy when smoking, you might drop a lit cigarette, and the bedding and mattress can quickly catch fire.

If you are in bed when this happens, you could be at serious risk of burns and may inhale lots of smoke. Given the size of the mattresses, the fire may grow very large and cause upholstery to ignite, and it could even spread through the property. Any type of bedroom place to smoke is not good for your health.

The bedrooms have very small outlets, and often harmful air is trapped in the rooms. And pollution remains in the same areas, which are going to be the worst places to smoke.

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2. The Living Room

When you smoke indoors, pollutants like nicotine and formaldehyde can settle onto the surfaces in your home. Also known as thirdhand smoke, these particles will continuously re-emit gases and could remain there for several months. This is what can make smokers’ homes smell of cigarettes.

Thirdhand smoke can easily be absorbed by porous surfaces, like upholstery and furniture. So, when you smoke in the living room or lounge, a lot of these dangerous particles might accumulate and linger. You may regularly be inhaling a large volume of the gases they emit without even knowing it.

Removing thirdhand smoke requires specialist products and equipment that can remove all the particles. Simply airing out the property and wiping down surfaces will not get rid of it. Only professional cleaners have the training and equipment to effectively get rid of the odor.

3. The Nursery And Playroom

Children and infants are at much greater risk of health problems

Children and infants are at much greater risk of health problems from secondhand smoke than adults. This is because their lungs are smaller, so they breathe more regularly. Secondhand smoke can linger in the air for up to five hours so they can inhale lots of harmful chemicals. So this nursery and playrooms are the worst choices for places to smoke.

They are also more likely to ingest thirdhand smoke particles as they might touch surfaces and put their hands in their mouth. Thirdhand smoke can last for several months, so if it settles on their toys, bed, and clothes, their health may be at risk for the foreseeable future.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians provide high-quality odor removal services that can eliminate the thirdhand smoke particles in your home and neutralize unpleasant smells. They are available 24×7 hours and 365 days a year and can be on-site for several hours in an emergency.

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4. Garden Or Near The Porch

Porches are usually safe places to smoke. It is outside of the house. But the facts are different when you are dumping many items like dry wooden blocks for your fireplaces or any of the items which you are storing there for making fire. The dry and flammable things are risky.

But in the whole house, if there is any place that is safe for smoking, that is no other than the porch. How to convert it into a safe place for smoking? Install a bucket filled with sand and use it like a sand dispenser. This type of dispenser minimizes all risks of flaming.

You can find out more about the diverse range of cleaning services here.

The Final Thought

There are many places to smoke. But for safety and security, avoiding your home for smoking is going to be the best option. These four places are not safe for smoking.

If you want to smoke cigarettes or are in the weeds, install the sand basket as the cigarette dispenser. What are your experiences? Do you have a fixed smoking zone in your house? Then you can share your opinion through the comment sections and let us know your opinion.

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