Publication 15-T: What Is The 15 Withholding Tax?

Employer's Tax Guide

IRS Publication 15-T supplements the Employer's Tax Guide (Publication 15) and provides methods for federal income tax withholding, including Percentage and Wage Bracket methods.

Federal Income Tax Withholding

Publication 15-T aids employers in calculating federal income tax withholding for employees, especially on supplemental wages and periodic payments.

IRS Publication 15-T serves as a supplement to Publication 15, offering methods for withholding taxes on pensions, annuities, and periodic payments.

IRS Publication 15 and 15-T

Employers should reference both IRS Publication 15 and 15-T for accurate tax withholding procedures, utilizing online tools for assistance.

Tax Withholding Strategies

Publication 15-T enhances understanding of tax withholding strategies, complementing the information found in Publication 15 and offering guidance on periodic payment taxation.

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