IRS Publication 970: Education Tax Benefits Overview

IRS Publication 970 explains education-related tax benefits, including credits like American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits, for students pursuing higher education.

Eligibility for IRS Publication 970 benefits requires enrollment in eligible educational institutions, pursuit of higher degrees, and at least half-time enrollment.

The American Opportunity Tax Credit

The American Opportunity Tax Credit offers up to $2500/year for the first four years of education, while the Lifetime Learning Credit covers up to $2000/year for various education levels.

Tuition and fees deduction

Tuition and fees deduction permits up to $4000 tax deduction for higher education expenses, available for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

IRS Publication 970

IRS Publication 970 outlines valuable tax benefits to ease the financial burden of post-secondary education, catering to various levels of learners and education expenses.