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If you work in the digital domain, you must know the significance of video hosting tools. It takes your sweat and blood to create a video that will look great to you. Now, it’s time to promote that video effectively so that you can market your products.

But, how will you ensure that you’ve launched the video on the right platform? For that, you’ll need the assistance of some video hosting tools. Now, there are hundreds of video hosting sites, but choosing the best ones from them is the real deal. So, let’s take a look.

What Is Video Hosting?

Before we know the most popular video hosting sites, we must take a look at their concept. The concept of video hosting is pretty simple. When you upload a video at a place to distribute it, that’s called video hosting. The process is also simple here. You upload the video on a site, host it on their server, and insert that link elsewhere.

Now, let’s find out the bests video hosting sites of 2021.

What Are The Best Video Hosting Sites To Follow In 2021?

video hosting

When you use a video hosting site to launch your video, they take care of everything in its regard. Starting from your playback to a smooth experience in video streaming-everything becomes the responsibility of that site. So, it’s essential to put the best places in use before we do anything else, so let’s check them out.

1: YouTube

1: YouTube

What comes first to your mind when you think of online video streaming? It’s YouTube. With 1.9 billion active users and 6 billion hours of video watching every month, this is undeniably the best video hosting site on our list. 

There is no restriction on the data limit or the bandwidth. You can get free cloud storage with unlimited space, an industry-leading audience, and private video launching options here.

It’s pretty easy to use also even for a layperson. It is the best place online where you can build more than an unlimited audience just with a few clicks. 

2: Wistia

2: Wistia

If you have a business, then Wistia will be the most preferred choice for you when it comes to video hosting. You can make the videos visible to your website, but they won’t be available to the public. You simply need to copy and paste the embed code, and your video is ready with no ads.

The best feature of this video hosting platform is its advanced analytics. Starting from average user engagement to standard video play rate-you can view everything here. There’s a free plan, a pro plan, and an advanced plan, and you can choose either one of them that fits your needs.

3: Facebook

3: Facebook

If we discuss the best video hosting platforms, we can’t keep the all-rounder Facebook out of the list. Since it’s free to host the video on Facebook, many people love using it. It also offers you some basic analytics to help you analyze how your video is performing in the market. 

Do you think hosting the video on Facebook won’t give it a professional touch? Well, you are wrong. Instead, click the three-dotted icon beneath the video, and click the embed button. You will get the code of that video and will be able to post it now on your website. 

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4: Vimeo

4: Vimeo

If you are looking for the best video hosting platforms for professionals, Vimeo is your option. It has a particular audience enlisted so that when you launch your video here, it certainly gets some views.

But, original short films, indie music videos, extreme outdoor sports videos, and original animations tend to grab the audience’s attention the most on this site.

It is an ad-free platform, and you’ll only see constructive comments here, unlike YouTube. But, compared to YouTube, Vimeo draws in lesser traffic. So, if your video does not fall into the earlier mentioned categories, you may have a hard time getting views for it.

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5: Dailymotion

5: Dailymotion

If you are wondering what video-hosting site can compete with YouTube, the best on this list? Your answer is Dailymotion. Similar to YouTube, you can also share videos on this site. With more than 300 million users, this site is not lagging in the race.

One of the best features of Dailymotion is that it lets you host unlimited videos for free. If you want, you can make videos private and even put password protection on them. Since it has a lesser audience than YouTube, it gives you a fair chance to build a loyal audience. 

6: Brightcove

6: Brightcove

If you choose this video-hosting platform, rest assured you are in good hands. With reliable clients like Dunkin Donuts and BBC, what else do you need for assurance? Also, unlike other video hosting sites where plans are broken down into pricing categories, Brightcove breaks them into usage categories.

You can select different plans for enterprise use, marketing use, or monetization use. It will help you in a guaranteed manner to generate revenue for your videos. Its HTML5 player is also 70% faster than other video streaming players, so it’s indeed a good option for you.

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7: Vidyard

7: Vidyard

Vidyard is kind of similar to Wistia because its focus is also on the businesses rather than individuals. Apart from video hosting, this site will further ensure a stable conversation rate and engagement rate with the audience. They also support 360 videos and 4k videos.

One of the significant drawbacks of Vidyard is they are not transparent about their pricing plan online. So, you have to contact them directly if you want to use this video hosting site. However, with CRM integration and A/B testing, Vidyard is a good solution if you want viewers to take action after watching your video.

8: Vzaar

8: Vzaar

On this video hosting platform, there is no public networking. But, you can indeed manage your videos, host them online, and organize them. For organizing, you’ll also get a lot of options like labels, categories, and playlists so that you can find them easily when you need them.

You can access 1000 GB monthly bandwidth and 1000 GB storage with the £166/month plan. There are other plans available too, and you can choose any one that suits your needs the best. If you feel Wistia is not suitable for you, Vzaar is worth a shot.

9: vooPlayer

9: vooPlayer

One video-hosting site that exclusively targets marketers is vooPlayer. You can populate a custom audience and access advanced video insight to collect quality leads from your videos. It is one of the best solutions to incorporate your sales and marketing efforts under one roof.

The vooPlayer is affordable for anyone, and it also gives you the no-ads benefits. It will offer you complete control over the video, and you’ll get paid for video views. You can also arrange contests through video hosting here. 

10: SproutVideo

10: SproutVideo

As the name suggests, this video hosting site will help you grow. However, if you are a novice in this industry, it will probably be the best site for you. It’s easy to navigate, and there’s a free trial version available also. 

In addition, it will allow you to create custom playlists for the audience to engage with them on a deeper level.


We know how much effort it takes for you to make a video. That’s why we want to give you the best video-hosting site suggestions so that you can reap some actual fruit from this labor.

We don’t want any of your video-making struggles to go in vain. That’s why we have mentioned even the pricing plans of these sites. Read them thoroughly, and make your decision. For further queries, post them in the comment box below. 

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