The Giant ‘X’ Removed From The Company’s Headquarters Shortly After Twitter’s Rebranding

‘X’ removed after being installed atop company

The giant ‘X’ is removed from the top of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco after neighbors and passers-by complained of the glowing light. The building is now the headquarters of Elon Musk’s company ‘X,’ which recently acquired Twitter.

The X symbol was installed on the weekend, and there were 24 complaints logged on the city building department. The neighbors of the area complained of the intrusive lights emitted from the glittering ‘X.’ Many neighbors and nearby people complained that the logo was scary, and some even confused it to be a police siren.

The Department of Building Inspection of San Francisco sent the company a notice of violation (NOV) on Friday. According to them, the company has erected, without a permit, a sign that flashes lights at night, which adorns the building as a result.

Patrick Hannan, the spokesperson of the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, said through an email –

The property owner will be assessed fees for the unpermitted installation of the illuminated structure. The fees will be for building permits for the installation and removal of the structure and to cover the cost of the Department of Building Inspection and the Planning Department’s investigation.”

This happened a few days after Elon Musk declared that the name of Twitter would be changed to X, along with the logo. However, the company held that the removal of the logo was voluntary. Furthermore, as per the Department of Building, the company officials of X denied the building inspectors access to the roof when they wanted to inspect the logo.

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