Tesla Faces Accusations Of ‘Law Evasion” To Open Facility At Mohegan Sun

Tesla Faces Accusations Of ‘Law Evasion”

Tesla Faces Accusations Of ‘Law Evasion” To Open Facility At Mohegan Sun

To date, people that wanted to buy a Tesla in Uncasville, Connecticut, would have to take a state detour; however, that is about to change.

The AGM of Mohegan Sun said,

“[I’m] extremely excited. You know Tesla’s brand is one-of-a-kind.”

By this fall, Tesla Inc. will open its very first sale and delivery center in Connecticut at the casino.

According to state laws, all vehicle manufacturers are required to make product sales through dealerships. But, Tesla makes direct sales for its vehicles.

The electric vehicle giant is therefore building its facility on Mohegan Tribe’s land to be able to avoid state laws.

“While we align with many Connecticut laws and regulations by operating on sovereign land. we don’t necessarily have to abide by every law and regulation,” Lowry added.

A day after Tesla had made the announcement, Governor Ned Lamont opened up about the decision.

“I think it’s within Mohegan Sun’s right to do it,” he adds. “They are a sovereign nation.”

The Co-Chairman of Hoffman Auto Group had said that the issue of the group is not with Mohegan Sun.

“Our issue is with Tesla, and them frankly evading the law that is in Connecticut right now,” he mentioned.

Hoffman Auto Group does not believe that the dealerships in the state, which are already selling more than a total of 65 different categories of electric vehicles, will be impacted. However, it is concerning how Tesla consumers lack dealership support.

“Also, that is a check-and-balance with the manufacturers themselves,” Hoffman adds.

Guests at the Casino will be directly able to look and buy a Tesla from the showroom itself, which will be delivered at the closest Sky Valet. However, a customer may not be able to pick up the car immediately after the purchase, but the wait will be comparatively less compared to a purchase made in a different state.

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