How To Start A Business As Social Media Consultant Under $100?

How To Start A Business As Social Media Consultant Business Under $100

Do you know why people are rushing to become a social media consultant? Because it offers a creative and profitable career opportunity. 

Spreading words about a business into the vast global market requires massive exposure – which, businesses can find in social media. Why? The reason is simple; a massive number (3.2 billion) of people are on social media. Also, things don’t take very long to get viral. 

Pouring the targeted audience in the sales and marketing funnel can help you start a job/ business as a Social media consultant. Social media offers prolific marketing options to businesses active on social media; hence, it is relevant.

However, not all businesses are staffed with experts, social media team and resources to optimize their social media business profiles. That is where you as a social media consultant come in. You can help a business build brand awareness, increase audience, and generate leads as a consultant for social media. In this article, I have offered a guide to help you start your career as a social media consultant.

Start A Business As A Social Media Consultant

Here is a step-by-step process to start your business as a social media marketing consultant.

1. Get Your Skills Ready

Get Your Skills Ready

Being a social media business consultant is not easy. You need to keep your skills polished and ready at all times. As a social media business consultant, you will require a combination of different soft and hard skills. Here are some examples –

1. Project management

As a social media specialist, you should be able to handle difficult projects for your clients. You should know how to set goals, measure KPIs, and manage your team of people. 

2. SEO

SEO is also a crucial part of social media. As a social media consultant, you should be able to optimize a profile according to SEO for better visibility and reach. To set up good social media marketing campaigns, you should know how social media marketing works –this is where SEO becomes crucial.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing: content marketing is a deeply integrated part of becoming a social media consultant. You have to be able to plan, design, and create an effective marketing campaign. You should also be able to do topic research and customer profiling and perform different content marketing techniques.

These are some most crucial skills for a social media marketing consultant. However, the amount of skill needed does not stop there.

  • You should know how to run ads on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • Skills in checking the metrics of a social media profile and coming up with solutions to increase its reach are also important.
  • You should be able to get viewerships, likes, and comments on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 
  • The tricks of using hashtags are also important if you are planning to be a social media consultant. 
  • Creating engaging ads is also a part of becoming a consultant for social media. 
  • Generating dashboards and reports for clients are also crucial skills needed for running a business as a social media expert.

2. Create & Work On Your Social Media Profile

Create & Work On Your Social Media Profile

The next step is to create and optimize your social media profile as a consultant. Your optimized and professional social media page is the reflection of your business as a social media expert or consultant. It is important to keep engagement boosted on your own social media profile. 

Your own social media profile can even work as your portfolio. However, if you are having a hard time optimizing your own social media profile, then it is time to get your skills polished. 

3. Gain Some experience 

Gain Some experience 

Getting a hands-on experience in social media marketing can help you improve your skills. Knowing about social media, in general, will only get you so far. It is important to have real-world skills as a social media expert. But how ? here are some steps to follow – 

  • Work on different social media profiles. 
  • You can opt for an internship or get a job as a job in a digital marketing agency.
  • Manage the social media accounts of different companies. 
  • Get some clients and work for their social media profiles. 

There are many freelancing platforms where you can work as a social media consultant with ease. 

4. Build A Portfolio

Build A Portfolio

This job requires you to create a good track record or portfolio. As a successful social media consultant, you need to create a good portfolio using the testimonials of the clients you have worked with so far.

There is no need to add so many details. But, you must mention how your services have helped you change your client’s traffic, increment sales, and better brand visibility. The bigger names you have in your portfolio, the better chance you have of improving your portfolio.

5. Build Your Social Media Team

Build Your Social Media Team

You can work as a solo social media consultant, or you can run a small organization with a team of people working for you– it is a business, after all, and what’s better than employing a few people?

You can create a social media marketing team; having a team might increase your chance of getting more clients. When building your social media team, you will need these people on your team –

  • Social media specialists.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Social media assistant. 
  • Video editors and experts.

Once you get all these steps ready in place, you should start approaching different agencies for work or collaboration. Having a service website for social media will help you grasp clients easily. Also, you need to keep your service website optimized so that it appears to your searchers when they search for a “social media consultant near me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

This article will move you in the right direction toward becoming a good social media expert. However, here are some questions and answers related to the same.

Q1. Who Is Social Media Advisor?

Ans: A Social media advisor is a social media who provide their clients with advice and guidance on improving the reach of their social media profiles. They also help businesses with social media strategies for better brand awareness and sales.

Q2. What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

Ans: A social media manager of an organization is charged with handling their social media handles, increasing the brand’s online presence, analyzing data usage, offering customer service through social media, and doing marketing campaigns.

Q3. What Is Social Media Consultant Salary?

Ans: A social media marketing consultant is a good job profile. Especially if you work in the US, you can earn as much as $52,453 a year.

Final Words 

If you are interested in social media, then choosing to become a social media consultant and starting a business would be a good idea. However, you will require experience working as a social media strategist and knowledge of how different social media platforms work. 

The steps provided in this article are good for starting your business as a social media consultant. However, if you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comment. 

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