How To Do SEO Ranking Check: A Quick Guide


If you’re ever curious about how well your webpage is faring in Google’s SERP ranking and want to see if it’s outshining your competitors, it’s a wise practice to periodically check your website’s performance. Monitoring your website’s performance at regular intervals helps you stay informed about its standing in search results.

Fortunately, an SEO ranking check is a straightforward task. You can utilize SERP checker tools specifically designed for this purpose. Simply input your keyword, and initiate the search, and these tools will provide insights into your keyword ranking.

Know more about checking your Google and other search engine rankings in this article.

Why Should You Check Your SEO Rankings?

The higher your webpage shows up in Google search results, the more people trust it. It’s a surefire credibility boost that shows you know your stuff, and that Google finds your website trustworthy. And when people trust your site, they click on it, and you get organic traffic.

But don’t just go searching for yourself on Google. What you see isn’t always what others see. That’s because the results depend on a couple of factors.

First off is your location. Google tends to show businesses that are near you. So, if you’re scouting even without a city tag (like just “best coffee shop”), search engines will still show you the local results. You might see your website on page 1, especially if you’re close to your office or service zone.

The second factor is your browsing history. Google tries to be helpful by boosting sites you’ve visited before, thinking you might want to revisit them. So, if you’ve checked out your own website on your gadgets in the past, your site will automatically be on page 1. Not so accurate, isn’t it?

3 Tools To Help You Check Your Google Rankings

If you want the lowdown on where you stand for a particular keyword without the hassle, you have to tap into some SERP checker tools like the following:

1) Google Search Console

You don’t have to look far because Google’s got its own Google Search Console for accurate search engine optimization rankings.

This free Google rank checker lets you harvest data, insights, and even SEO tips with just a few clicks and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here’s how to use it for tracking your rankings:

  1. Pick your desired domain from the top left menu.
  2. Head over to the Search Results section.
  3. Keep an eye on the right-most square—it’s your average position over time.
  4. Scroll down to Queries; this is where your ranked keywords reside.
  5. If you want to filter by keyword ranking positions, go ahead and do so. You’ll spot your top keyword for that page in an instant.

Google Search Console is also perfect for keyword research and looking up the exact keywords that are driving traffic to your website. After setting it up, head to the “Performance” tab on the left. Click those colorful buttons at the top—Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average Click-thru-Rate, and Average Position—and you’ll get a list of keywords your audience is searching for.

2) AccuRanker

AccuRanker’s SERP Checker tool is free and easy to use:

  1. Head to the SERP Checker Tool.
  2. Then, set up the keyword and your location for extra precision.
  3. Let the tool do its thing and reveal the SERP results for your keyword.

But take note that with the free version, you’re restricted to five searches a day, and the data is somewhat restrained. If you’re aiming to unleash the full power of all your website keywords, you might want to consider the subscription plans of this keyword rank checker.

For $109 a month, you get 1000 keyword searches. This SEO ranking checker also offers flexible subscriptions so you can upgrade your plan based on your keyword search needs.

3) Ahrefs

Trusted by SEO pros, Ahrefs is one of the go-to tools in terms of link building and Google SERP rankings. Simply pick the Rank Tracker tool on the dashboard to monitor the graphs, see the average position of your keywords, and look for keywords ranking for your website.

It’s on the pricey side, but it’s worth investing in because of its wide array of keyword metrics that can show you how each keyword impacts your site.

3 Tips For SEO Ranking Check

Here are some tips to ensure accuracy in your search:

Use Accurate Keywords.

To get reliable results, search for the precise keywords you’re targeting. Using the wrong keywords can lead to inaccurate rankings.

Activate VPN Protection.

Ensure a secure search by using a VPN. This helps eliminate personalization effects from Google, providing unbiased results by making your search appear anonymous.

Avoid Chromium Browsers.

Steer clear of browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Using these may introduce biases to your search. Opt for other browsers to keep your inquiry impartial.

Tracking rankings manually can be time-consuming, but using tools that help you check your SEO rankings simplifies the process. Remember, your goal is to efficiently gauge the success and impact of your ongoing SEO efforts by swiftly assessing any changes in your rankings.



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