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Senior home companion

If you want to spend less and be successful in your startup, then starting a senior home companion business is ideal for you. These days, self-employment is a great opportunity to make a solid income. And you don’t need to worry about job security. No matter how much a person has in their bank account, they will need help in their old days. 

And senior home care business is a great recession-proof business. The best thing about this business is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In this article, you will learn everything about eldercare and how you can start a business.


What is Senior Home Companion?

What is Senior Home Companion

So, what is a senior home companion? Senior people need help in their old days, and these professionals take care of older people. But there are some basic things you should know about them. These professionals do not provide any medical assistance. The main focus is to give company to older people and take care of them.

People who are busy with their work life or stay away from their homes need senior home companion services the most. With boomers becoming senior citizens, there is a need for senior home care. Right now, there are more than 40 million senior people in the United States. And in the next two decades, the number will reach to double. 

When you are planning to start a home care business startup, then you must know what services you need to provide. These services include meal preparation, bill payment, errands, housekeeping, delivery services, and other everyday activities. These are the main duties and responsibilities of a senior companion at home.

Starting A Senior Home Companion Business (Opportunities)

Starting A Senior Home Companion Business (Opportunities)

In a senior home companion business, you will have to work with senior people and their loved ones. In this business, you will need to understand first that as people grow old, they put their retirement plan in place, which makes them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. They even get support from professionals that are properly trained to take care of senior people. 

Hence, the opportunities for starting a senior home companion business are high, and there are a lot of chances for success.

If you want to take care of senior citizens, you will need to offer them housing and help them with their basic day-to-day activities like taking baths, cleaning up, exercising, taking medicines, eating the right things at the right time, and more. To start such a business, you will need to know almost everything that can be needed by a senior person, and you shall be able to provide them every time.

According to Small Business Chron,

While many seniors require more involved medical care, a large majority simply need assistance with the daily routines of bathing, dressing, preparing meals and performing household chores. If you enjoy working with older adults and want to run your own business, establishing a non-medical senior care business may be for you.”

Planning For A Senior Home Companion Business

Having a business plan is one of the foremost things you can have while you are starting any business. Here, you will need to understand the need of the market, structure your goals, clarify your goals, and decide on how you will execute your business. You will also need to determine your monetary needs and take steps accordingly.

In most cases, starting a senior home companion business involves helping seniors in their homes with their daily activities. However, you can add some more services which can benefit seniors accordingly. You can add transportation service, medical claims assistance, maintenance of homes, or even address specific day-to-day needs of the seniors.

You will need to understand here that most of the seniors do not need medical assistance and simply need regular assistance with daily essentials like bathing, medicine intake, preparing meals, household chores, etc. However, among all these aspects, you will need to ensure that you enjoy working with older people since the business is about taking care of another human being who is old.

Senior Home Companion: Skills 

There is no education or degree needed to start a home care business. So, to start a nonmedical home health startup business package, there are some basic skills that you need to have. 



Suppose you are with an elderly person. If you can’t blend with them, and can’t ease their distress and feelings, then what are you doing as a companion? You need to learn basic things, and compassion is not a hard skill.



When you are giving company, one of the things that you need to do is to communicate with the person. So, you will need both verbal and written communication skills so that the person will feel comfortable.



Being a companion in-home senior care is not easy because there is no fixed work. Sometimes you need to make meals, and sometimes clean the corners and sometimes take care if they get sick. So, you need to be a good observer to know what to do next.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

The job is interactive all the time. There will be no time when you will be alone. So, interpersonal skills are needed. Being an eldercare needs too much to talk about.

These are the main skills that you need when you are searching for how to start a home care business. There are other skills that will be helpful too.

  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Cleanliness
  • Patience
  • Flexibility 
  • Initiative
  • Physical Strength and Stamina 

How To Start A Elderly Home Care Business

Follow these steps to start your senior home companion business.

1. Business Name

Business Name

When you start senior home companion Inc, the first thing you need is to give a name to your business. There are examples- “Friends of the Seniors,” “Loving and Caring,” and “Elder Helpers.” The more attractive name you can give to your business, the more your business will spread through word-of-mouth. 

2. Choose Services

Choose Services

See, different businesses give different home-based senior services to people. So first, you need to research your competitors and analyze those with the price. After that, you need to decide what services you can give to your clients. You will also need to select the proper pricing for that so that there will be a win-win situation.

3. Legal Structure

Legal Structure

Most eldercare businesses operate and manage as sole proprietors. Before starting your business, you need to check all legal things so that there will be no issues that you face in the future.

4. Spending Money

Spending Money

Senior home companion business is a kind of business where you don’t need to spend a single penny. If you have clients and your friends can spread the word about your business, then there is no need to spend money. Later you can invest money in marketing and advertising, but at the beginning, there is no need to waste that.

5. Insurance 


When you start any business, do not forget to insure your business. There can be a situation you need to close your business. At that time, the right coverage is essential. 

6. Set Pricing 

Set Pricing 

There will be some basic costs that you need to pay, like license, social security tax, vehicle cost, and other costs. So, remember to add all the expenses when you will set the pricing. Many businesses forget to add these, and later they have to face losses.

7. Target Customers

Target Customers

When you start a business, you need customers. Therefore, I would suggest finding customers first, then starting your business. Also, you need to understand to whom you can give the best services that will help you to grow your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

1. What Does A Companion Do For The Elderly?

A senior companion can help and provide excellent assistance to senior people—things like transportation, doctor’s appointment, religious services, social events, and more.

2. What Are The Duties Of A Home Companion?

There are many things that are under the duties of a home companion.
⦿ Household Chores
⦿ Housekeeping 
⦿ Preparing Meals
⦿ Transportation 
⦿ Planning Appointments
⦿ Running Errands
⦿ Entertainment and Socialization

3. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Companion?

There some still some people who do not understand having a companion, but there are so many benefits to having someone right beside you when there is no one. Other benefits are,
⦿ Maintain Social Skills
⦿ Avoid Social Isolation
⦿ Prevent Loneliness
⦿ Encourage Mental Stimulation
⦿ Sense of Purpose
⦿ Memory Exercise
⦿ Interactions and Positive Thoughts 

Final Words

These days, trying something different or a startup is an escape from unemployment. Starting a business is a great way to be self-employed. You will be your own boss. I think this article will definitely help you in starting your senior home companion business. 

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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