Sales Funnels For Beginners: The Ultimate EASY Guide (2022)

Sales Funnel

Are you looking for a guide that can walk you through the concept of a sales funnel? If so, then you are certainly at the right place. Here we will talk about every aspect of sales funnels and the best sales funnel practices.


What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnels are a sequel of a single online step or procedure that converts websites’ visitors convert into solid customers. This is the reason why many experts call the sale funnel a marketing funnel. Sales funnels are all about mapping the buyer’s journey and having an insight into the factors that have played a crucial role in sales.

Sales funnels are basically a concept that arises from digital marketing. The main purpose of funnelling is to boost sales and ROI. The life of a sales funnel starts wide, and as the process continues, the bandwidth of the sales funnels narrows down. In contrast, at the bottom of the sale funnel is the audience who has decided to make a purchase.

How Sales Funnels Works?

How Sales Funnels Work

Sales Funnels start by guiding online visitors to take action or make purchases through vicarious online steps. The phases might include the followings:

  • Giving information.
  • Signing up for events.
  • Call to action buttons.

Once the visitor takes the action of purchasing or signing up, it is called a conversion. So, you can say that the sales funnel’s ultimate goal is to bring your conversion. If you try to understand the sales funnel in the simplest term, it will be:

  • Attract.
  • Engage.
  • Sell.

Let’s understand this step-by-step format.

Step 1: The First step is to Attract visitors from online platforms (Social media and Search engines).

Step 2: Redirect this traffic to a particular landing page.

Step 3: Now try to convert this traffic into leads by email opt-in forms.

Step 4: Engage and nurture a good relationship via mail.

Step 5: Convince your leads to make a purchase.

Step 6: Lead back to them if they abandon their order.

Step 7: Handle all the Selling and Payments.

Remember, with the sales funneling, your objective should also be a good customer experience. When happy customers come back to make a purchase, sales funnels continue to work by creating your brand promoters.

Why Are Sales Funnel Important?

Sales Funnel Important

One of the important concepts that thrive in the business world is sales funnels. The sales funnel is the way of converting visitors to consumers. 

Here are a few causes. Read it. And you will understand why sales funnelling is important.

  • Conversion: Sales funnels help the business convert the website traffic into paying consumers.
  • Ask Visitors To Take Detailed Action: With the right implementation of the sales funnel, businesses can direct the audiences to take a specific action.
  • Generate Valuable Leads: Sales funnelling starts with awareness and, at every step, filters out weed or irrelevant audiences. Hence, it helps the business create qualified leads.
  • Boost Your Business: Sales funnel allows businesses to enjoy higher sales and increased ROI. Hence, it helps businesses to grow.

Sales Funnels Stages

Sales Funnels Stage

If you are a beginner, it is important that you understand how the sales funnel work and the funnelling stages businesses have to go through before making sales.

Here are the six phases of sales funnels.

1. Awareness

In the awareness phase of the sales funnel is working like an introductory stage. The potential clients and leads find your business on any online platform. The prospects who are searching for products and services are the ones who need immediate solutions.

2. Interest

In this stage, the prospective clients looking for a solution show interest in your company’s products and services. Hence, when they land on your website landing page, they have to give some info for signing up or registering. Here the prospects become your leads.

3. Desire

This stage is also known as the decision-making funneling stage. Here the prospects consider buying from. They get excited by your solution and helpful content and decide to purchase from your websites.

4. Action

In the action phase of sales funnels, the prospects take the initiative and buy. This is the stage where only a selected few audiences will reach.

5. Retention

Sales funnels retention is where businesses create better awareness, interest, and product interest among the current consumers.

6. Repeat Action

If you promise something to your audiences and want to keep that promise, the funnelling’s repeat action phase takes care of itself. The customers will return to you to make more purchases.

How To Make A Funnel?

How Make Funnel

Most beginners tell us that they have heard how hard it is to build successful sales funnels. Hence, it used to be, but not anymore. Today, many online sales funnel builders help newbies like you create successful sales funnels.

When you are out there in the market looking for the best sales funnel builder, the sheer number of tools can confuse you. If you are unsure where to start, look at the most successful companies and see what tools they are using. This process is known as funneling hacking.

Now that you know about sales funnelling and are ready to start, here is how you create a sales funnel as a beginner.

  • Select a sales funnel builder and register yourself. 
  • Now choose the sales funnel template. This will depend on the type of action your need.
  • Now create a sales funnel landing page for the visitors.
  • Edit your products and service pages.
  • Set up an email marketing campaign to ensure that your payments are listed down.
  • The next step is to generate traffic on your website and redirect those traffic to your sales funnels landing page.
  • Monitor the performance of your sales funnel.

We advise you to just get started. Stop thinking. Nothing is perfect from the start. Make it perfect throughout your proceeds with the sales funnel. The sales funnels will need tweaking every day. In fact, experts need that too!

Do Sales Funnels Really Work For The Beginners?

One question we always hear from our audiences is, “Do sales funnels really work?”. Well, here is a short answer for you, YES!

The sales funnel comes under the business marketing category, and even top brands value the use of sales funnels. Hence, if sales funnels work for the big names in the industry, they will work for beginners too!

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