Puerto Rico Car Shipping: 5 Common Questions Answered

Puerto Rico Car Shipping: 5 Common Questions Answered

There could be numerous reasons why you’re looking to ship your automobile to Puerto Rico. The territory may be appealing to you and you may want to explore it in great detail over the course of several months. Your work could be taking you to this Caribbean island for a while. You could perhaps be moving to this territory of the USA altogether. Or, you could even be living there already, but you’ve bought a new car that needs to be delivered to you.

Whatever the case is, and there are a lot more cases in addition to the one mentioned above, you’ll need to rely on professionals. Put simply, using the Puerto Rico transport companies to have the vehicle moved from point A to the new point B is a must. You can’t plan on driving yourself, in one part because the drive is impossible since cars can’t go through water. At least not yet, though, but who knows what the future will bring?

We’re not here to talk about the future and its implications, however. Let’s leave that for another day. You need the car transported in the present, so it is the present that we have to deal with. More precisely, it is the actual transportation service we have to deal with, since you most likely have a lot of questions about it.

Having questions is normal here, especially if you’re new to the whole service, that is, if you’ve never used it before. Getting the answers will provide you with a better understanding of the entire process, as well as help you realize what you should do so as to make it perfect. Sure, most of the responsibility lies on the company that will do the transport, but some crucial things are still up to you, and you’ll learn about all of that if you simply read on to get the answers to those questions swirling around in your mind.


How Will The Car Be Shipped?

How will your vehicle actually be shipped? Does the word “shipping” indicate that there will be a ship involved in the process? Well, not for all circumstances, situations and locations. Yes for this one, though. Why? Because there’s no direct road to Puerto Rico that anyone can take and, as we have made it perfectly clear already, we still don’t have cars that can survive being driven through water.

This is in general how to ship a car: https://living.geico.com/driving/auto/auto-care/how-to-ship-a-car/

So, in this particular case, your vehicle will both be driven and loaded on a ship, so as to be delivered to Puerto Rico. Working with professionals means they will pick your auto up at a location you agree on, drive it off, load it on a transporter, then load it on a ship at one point as well, after which the transporter will be back on the road, driving towards the new location you agree on. That’s, in the simplest words possible, how the whole procedure works.

How Long Will It Take?

How much this entire process will take depends on several factors. First, where are you shipping from? Then, there’s the question of what type of transportation service you’re using. And, of course, the company you choose will have a say in it as well. In rough estimates, this can take anywhere from a couple of days to more than a week.

What Types Are There To Choose Among?

Since I’ve mentioned the different service types and their effect on the timeframe, you’re now curious about those. In short, there is the open carrier, the enclosed carrier and the expedited transportation type. The expedited one can be used for both the open and the enclosed shipping and it will shorten the time necessary for the vehicle to arrive to Puerto Rico. Sure, it may cost a bit more.

How Much Will It Cost?

Speaking of costs, that’s probably your next question. As you can see here, multiple factors influence it, including the type of transportation you’ll choose, which we’ve talked about above. The price is also impacted by your specific car type, as well as by the dates you’ll select. Most of all, though, it is dictated by the company you’ll choose to be your shipping professionals.

Does The Choice Of Company Matter?

When talking about your responsibilities in this entire process, what we have in mind is that specific choice of the company you’ll work with. You may be wondering whether that choice really matters and if it is important for factors other than the actual price, as we’ve already explained that the professionals will dictate the price. In few words, this choice matters quite a lot, and it will be the difference between great and poor quality services. Since you want your auto to be kept safe, you’ll want to get great quality services, meaning you’ll need to make the choice carefully.

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