Plooto: How Does It Help Streamline Your Business Payments?

Streamline Your Business Payments With Plooto

If you want software to automate your accounts payable (AP), then Plooto is a great option to consider. Once you pay off your outstanding bills with this automation software, you will be able to reconcile your transactions easily on various accounting software systems like Zoho Books or QuickBooks. This software is one of the best ones for performing accounts payable functions.

In this article, you will mainly learn some essential details about the Plooto software. First, you will learn about some general details and the pricing of the software. After that, we will explain to you why the software is a great option for your business, along with the most useful features from which you can benefit. Finally, you will learn about the major pros and cons of the software. Hence, to learn more, read on through to the end of the article.

Plooto Accounts Payable – A General Overview

Plooto Accounts Payable – A General Overview

If you want quality accounts payable and accounts receivable software for your accounting purposes, then Plooto is the software that you should look for.

According to,

Trusted by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and firms, Plooto is ideal for accountants and bookkeepers looking to scale their practice and grow their AR and AP services. Reduce your AR and AP processes from 5 hours to just 10 minutes.”

With the smart approval workflow of Plooto, you will not need to think about check signatures, as you can get payment approvals within a few minutes from anywhere across the world. You can also save countless hours on making and receiving payments. It also improves cash flow as the Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement will help you to know when and where the funds will be received.

Plooto Payments – Is Plooto Safe?

Plooto is completely safe, and the transactions are encrypted and happen from bank to bank. You can securely transfer funds without worrying about the banking information of the vendors you work with.

Plooto Pricing

According to Plooto’s official website,

Plooto charges a monthly subscription fee plus payment transaction fees — as listed above in the compare feature section. This means no setup, integration, or additional user fees that other companies typically charge.

Here are the different levels of pricing of Plooto:

Plooto PlanPricing
Grow$32 CAD per month
Grow Unlimited$59 CAD per month
Go$9 CAD per month

There is also special pricing available with Plooto once you have three clients or more who have signed up for the Grow or Grow Unlimited plans.

If you want to try out Plooto, you can use it by signing up for a 30-day free trial. The trial includes the Grow plan. Along with it, you will also get ten free domestic transactions within these thirty days. The signup only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you sign in to the platform, you will be able to add your clients as per your need. A credit card is not compulsory for signup, and you will be able to cancel your trial at any time.

Why Is Plooto A Great Software Option For A Growing Business?

Why Is Plooto A Great Software Option For A Growing Business_

As per a review of Plooto on Business News Daily, they rightly put it –

You can time your Plooto payments to make the most of your cash flow, such as making next-day payments to claim early payment discounts. More than 120,000 vendors exist in the Plooto network, so you can use it to maximize relationships with all your vendors.

Apart from the accounts payable automation tools, this platform also comes with some basic accounts receivable tools as well. Furthermore, it also integrates well with some of the major accounting software systems available in the market.

Major Features Of Plooto That Can Help Your Business

Major Features Of Plooto That Can Help Your Business

The following are some of the major features of Plooto that you will benefit from once you use it in your transactions related to your accounts:

  • The payment methods come with both an Automated Clearing House network as well as Wire Transfer options.
  • The processing of payments includes various options like scheduling, batch processing, automated workflows, and settlement. Furthermore, there are options to track your payments as well.
  • Plooto also comes with major security compliances like P2PE, SSL Encryption, SOC, SOX, and Fraud Management.
  • Plooto also integrates well with other accounting software and comes with various APIs and plugins as well.
  • There are options for invoice management and checking analytics related to payment processing as well.

Plooto Accounts Payable Software – Top Pros And Cons

Plooto Accounts Payable Software – Top Pros And Cons

The following are the major pros and cons of Plooto that you need to consider before you make a purchase:


Here are the essential pros of Plooto that you must be aware of:

  • You will be able to automate your bill payments and time them accordingly. This will help you in suiting your payments with your cash flow.
  • You can eliminate late fees altogether. There is a next-day payment option available as well.
  • Importing bills from other sources to this platform is really easy, and you can pay all the bills with just one click.
  • Integration with various accounting software systems is easy, especially with Xero and QuickBooks. This helps in reconciling the accounts without any errors.


Here are the major cons of Plooto that you must consider before you make a purchase of the plans:

  • Plooto is only an automated payment software. Hence, you will not find many accountings-related options in the software. To do accounting jobs, you need to integrate the software with accounting software.
  • All the payments you make have extra charges of their own in addition to the monthly subscription price you pay with the Grow plan. However, if you choose the Grow Unlimited plan, you can eliminate the extra fees.
  • The international transactions with Plooto are really expensive at $10 per transaction.

Final Thoughts

Plooto is a quality payment processing software, as it comes with a lot of features. If you want to choose the software for your business, consider taking the Grow Unlimited subscription for the best results. Do you know of any other great payment apps that come with better features and integrate with various accounting software systems? Share some software reviews of your own with us in the comments section below.

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