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Pet Grooming Business

If you know how to handle pets and groom them, then starting a pet grooming business is one of the best options for you. Having the knowledge of basic cleaning and grooming of pets is enough for you to give a good start to your business. Although starting a pet grooming business is not new, there is still an incredible number of opportunities, provided you take the right steps.

Most pet grooming businesses mostly deal with certain kinds of animals, which mainly include dogs and cats, preferably dogs since they are mostly friendly to people. Hence, it is quite easy to groom and pamper them rather than offering grooming services to a diverse set of pet animals. If you want to start your business at a low price, you must consider starting a mobile pet grooming business.


Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Pet Grooming Business

Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Pet Grooming Business

Before you start asking, “How much can I make with mobile pet grooming near me?” you will need to consider how much pet groomers make and how you can set your prices for pet grooming. In comparison to general pet grooming businesses, a mobile pet grooming business costs much lesser.

This is because you will not need to buy expensive grooming tools from Pet Smart grooming, you will not need to rent a building, and there are no investments in utilities and no overhead costs. Furthermore, you will not need to spend a lot on gas since you are not the groomer who visits homes.

In a mobile pet grooming business, you are working with pet groomers, whom you give contacts, and they visit your clients’ homes to groom pets.

How Much Can You Earn From Mobile Pet Grooming Business?

How Much Can You Earn From Mobile Pet Grooming Business

If you start a mobile pet grooming business and work with pet groomers, you will need to pay your groomers at least 50% of the total charge for grooming. Hence, you will be able to make up to 50% of every grooming. However, if you can do the grooming yourself, you keep the entire profit to yourself.

On average, in mobile pet grooming, each grooming charge ranges from USD $30-$90. Based on the location of the groomer, the mobile pet grooming charge might vary. Apart from that, you can add charges based on the extra services you offer.

How Much Does Pet Grooming Cost?

How Much Does Pet Grooming Cost

The cost of grooming depends on the area in which you are operating your business. On average, a groomer can groom 4-5 dogs in a day if the locations are close to each other. However, if you want to start a pet grooming business near you, consider knowing the amount charged by the competitors in the market. 

Hence, based on your market occupancy and client base, you can charge your grooming amount. Furthermore, if you are taking the help of other groomers, you must also consider paying them at least 50% of the amount earned from every grooming.

Starting A Pet Grooming Business: Steps To Follow

Starting A Pet Grooming Business Steps To Follow

One of the first things that you need to ensure before you start a pet grooming business near you is planning. There is more to a pet grooming business, rather than just registering your business. With the rise in popularity of online services, you will need to ensure at least a social media presence, from where you will be able to retrieve clients for your business.

The following are the major steps you will need to follow to start a pet grooming business near you:

Step 1: Find Out The Target Market

Find Out The Target Market

Once you have determined the expenses and relative earnings associated with a pet grooming business, you must find out your target market. Always look for clients who have been maintaining pets for many years. This is because most new pet owners get nervous, overprotective, and more concerned about their pets. On the other hand, old pet owners will give you freedom and will be okay with leaving their pets to you.

Step 2: Legalize Your Business

Legalize Your Business

If you establish your business as a corporation or LLC, you will not be personally liable if your business is sued. If you do not want that and want to go for a sole proprietorship, then you must ensure that you register your business. Ensure to register your business for taxes as well. You must also ensure getting local and state business licensing permits as well.

Step 3: Open A Separate Business Bank Account

Open A Separate Business Bank Account

If you want to protect the assets of your business, make sure that you have created a bank account solely dedicated to your business. If you mix your personal account and your business, your personal assets would also come at risk. Hence, ensure to open a separate bank account for your business. Apart from that, you must also ensure insuring your business, as it will protect your financial well-being at times of need.

Step 4: Have A Strong Online Presence

Have A Strong Online Presence

No matter what kind of business you have, having a strong online presence has become absolutely compulsory. If your pet grooming business manages to make a strong presence on the internet and social media, you will never go out of customers. 

Furthermore, if you have a good social media presence, you can also interact with your clients and get their genuine feedback on your services. You must also consider marketing your business through various social media, as well as Google. However, you must also ensure to have strong customer service and must always target to resolve all the issues and discrepancies.

Advantages Of A Pet Grooming Business   

While the finances may not be the greatest benefit of a pet grooming business, there are multiple other benefits that the business serves. Here are some of the advantages of a pet grooming business.

  • If you love pets, this is the best way to convert it into a business. If cats, dogs, or other household pets are something that you are passionate about, and you have the accurate training and resources to invest in it, this is an effective way for you to earn money by doing what you love. Many owners see pets as a member of their families; hence, they are the ones who look for groomers who are equally passionate about pets as they are.
  • There are multiple options that pet grooming affords for how and where to run the business. You may operate from your own house if you feel like it and have the required space for it. You may also run a mobile business by using a trailer or van that would be equipped with grooming equipment and supplies. If possible, you may also pair with other pet associations that can help you build your business with the right resources.
  • While you get multiple options to operate your pet grooming business, they are the very same options that are applicable when you want to market and build a client base for your business. When you establish a cooperative relationship with multiple other pet-based businesses within your community, you can add up to a niche within the community and get hold of potential clients while also making it easy for potential clients to find out about your clients.
  • These many options also offer you the opportunity to enlarge your business. As you have all the necessary training to work with pets of different temperaments and breeds, you can easily convert the same into additional services like dog walking, pet sitting, or even opening a kennel if you have the correct resources for it.

Disadvantages Of A Pet Grooming Business   

While there is a whole beneficial perspective of the pet grooming business, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. Let us go through them and see how they may affect the business.

  • The starting costs may be too high. To be as successful as a professional pet groomer, you will have to pay a hefty amount to get access to all the necessary supplies for all the possible breeds that may come for a grooming session.

You will need a lot more than your love for animals in order to be a pet groomer. You need to have enough experience and knowledge about animals and what and what not to do with them. Even the littlest mistake or lack of proper knowledge can end up being fatal for the animals. 

Summing Up

Hope you found enough information on how to start a pet grooming business near you. If you do not have a high amount of capital, you must consider opening a mobile pet grooming business, where you will have the chance to work with experienced pet groomers and make profits by sending them your contacts.

However, before you start your business, you will need to have a strong plan ready regarding the profits you want to make and the associated costs. If you follow the aforementioned steps, you can start your business easily without much hassle.

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