Microsoft To Have A Non-Voting Board Seat At OpenAI

Microsoft secures non-voting board seat at OpenAI

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it will have a non-voting board seat at OpenAI. The move puts an end to various questions about the tech giant’s interest in the AI startup. These happened after the company’s control over the firing of the board of directors and the re-hiring of CEO Sam Altman.

According to CNBC,

OpenAI’s outlook has been intertwined with Microsoft since the software giant invested $13 billion into OpenAI and integrated its AI models into Office and other Microsoft programs. Previously, Microsoft did not have official representation on the board of directors that controlled the startup, allowing it to be surprised when Altman was first fired.”

Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is of the opinion that the startup made the right choice to partner with Microsoft. He shared his excitement of seeing Microsoft as a non-voting observer for OpenAI. Altman also commended the whole team and was happy that the startup did not lose any employees in the process.

He also added that there should be a new board of directors for OpenAI. The team will consist of Bret Taylor (former CEO of Salesforce), Larry Summers (former Treasury Secretary), and Adam D’Angelo (CEO of Quora).

Bret Taylor will be the leader of the new board. He added that his focus is to strengthen the corporate governance of OpenAI. However, he also said that he would leave the board after it is full of staff and the company achieves stability.

Mira Murati became the CTO of OpenAI again after she was an interim CEO during the period of upheaval. Furthermore, Greg Brockman returned to the company as the President.

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