Musk Calls For An AI ‘Referee’ As Tech Giants Gather To Discuss AI Policy

Musk Calls For An AI ‘Referee’ As Tech Giants Gather To Discuss AI Policy

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, says that it is important for tech giants to have a referee who will regulate artificial intelligence. The heads of some of the biggest tech companies gathered at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to discuss AI regulation. Mark Zuckerberg of Meta and Sundar Pichai of Alphabet were also among the ones present at the gathering.

Musk made his remark on the sidelines of the bipartisan Senate AI forum. He is of the opinion that it is important for the top tech companies in the United States to have a referee who will be dealing with AI-related regulations. However, it seems that Congress is not yet ready to take responsibility for the role.

Policymakers are looking for ways to eliminate the dangers associated with emerging technology. They are taking steps after emerging technology, and AI saw a boom in investments and huge consumer popularity, especially after the release of ChatGPT. Hence, Musk says that there is a need for a regulator to ensure AI’s safe use.

Musk stated – “It’s important for us to have a referee.” He added that having a regulator would “ensure that companies take actions that are safe and in the interest of the general public.” Being ambitious about the meeting, he remarked that the meeting is nothing short of a “service to humanity,” and “may go down in history as very important to the future of civilization.

According to him, AI is a “double-edged sword.” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also stated that it is important for Congress to engage with AI to support AI-related innovation and safeguards. Since it is still an emerging technology, the role of the government now would be to balance the total structure.

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