How To Void A Check – Step By Step Guide In 2021

How To Void A Check

Although making payments with a physical check has become less common, still some people prefer this method for paying bills, service fees, etc. We have learned how to write a check in a previous article; here, we will learn about how to void a check step by step. 

Even though most people use online payment methods for different purposes today, you should also know about paying through check because you may need it in some situations. Before I explain how to void a check, know about different reasons for voiding a check. 


Reasons For Voiding A Check

Reasons to Void A CheckIt makes sense to know the reasons for voiding a check before you learn how to void a check. There are several reasons, but the following are some common scenarios:

  • For Setting Up Direct Payments: Do you want to set up any direct payments electronically? Whether it’s for personal use or you want to pay your bills to vendors who provide any services. You may need to void a check because sometimes it’s a part of the process for setting up automatic payments.
  • Bill Payments: Again, you may need to submit a voided check for your personal bill payments. For example, if you want to repay your loans, mortgages, or any other type of bills online, you may need to submit it for setting up regular bill payments from your checking account. 
  • Direct Deposit:  Another reason for voiding a check is for direct deposit. Suppose you want to provide certain information such as the bank account number and routing number of your account to someone who wants to deposit money to your account. It’s preferably suitable for receiving payments from your employer. 
  • For Canceling a Check: Sometimes, you may make mistakes while writing a check, and you want to cancel it. At that time, you need to cancel the check so that a person or business cannot deposit or cash it. 

For example, if you write a check but unknowingly there are insufficient funds in your account, then it can lead to check-bouncing, for which you may have to pay penalties. Another instance is if you write a wrong dollar amount in your check, you should void it when you notice the mistake. So, it’s important to verify the details before you give them to the payee. 

Now that you know the reasons for voiding a check, take a look at how to void a check step by step. 

How To Void A Check: Simple Steps

Steps To Void A CheckEven if there are different reasons, voiding a check is not that difficult, and you need to follow the same procedure given below to void a check. First, you need to get a blue or black pen. Now, there are two ways for voiding a check: 

Method 1: Writing A Single Large “VOID”

In this method, you need to write a large “VOID” covering the payee line, amount line, etc. However, ensure that the letter shouldn’t cover your bank account number and routing number because those are necessary for receiving or sending payments to your account. 

Method 2: Filling “VOID” In Every Text-Lines Or Text-Boxes

In this method, you need to write “VOID” in the lines provided for writing the payee name, date, amount, signature, and also in the amount box. It’s also a way that you can void a check. 

No matter which method you follow, you should keep a copy of the voided check for future reference. Also, keep the record of the check number if you are updating them in a register. 

FAQs On How To Void A Check

Now that you have learned the reasons and procedure for voiding a check, here are some frequently asked questions to learn more about it. 

Can You Just Write Void On A Check?

If you want to cancel a check for any reason, you just need to write the word “VOID” on the front page of the check. It doesn’t matter if you have filled it or it’s a blank check; if you write void on the front page, banks will not accept the check anymore. Anyone (issuer/payee) can void a check if they want. 

How Do You Void And Reissue A Check From A Previous Year?

If you want to void and reissue a check from a previous year or a closed period, you need to follow the below steps.

  • In the current period, you need to enter a deposit and post it to the principal account. 
  • Next, you need to write Check #s in the description so that the amount backs to the checking account. 
  • After this, verify whether the checks are being voided, and then you can reissue a check. 

How Do I Write Off An Outstanding Check?

Follow the below steps for writing off an outstanding check.

  • First of all, you need to void a check. Next, you should update the amount to the checkbook balance. 
  • Then you have to debit the amount from the general ledger Cash account. After that, you need to credit it to the account from which the amount was originally debited. 
  • Finally, you need to remove the check from the list of outstanding checks

When Should You Void A Check?

The most common reason for voiding a check is when you need to provide certain information to someone who wants to set up direct payment to your account. Since your check contains your account number and other details required for setting up online payments.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above article has helped you to learn how to void a check. As described above, there are several reasons for which you have to void a check. No matter why you want to void a check, follow the simple procedure mentioned above. Lastly, please share your suggestions and drop your queries in the comments section.

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