How To Use Pinterest For Blogging? 6 Easy Tips To Use Pinterest For More Audiences On Your Blog

How To Use Pinterest For Blogging?

People do not just scroll through images on Pinterest. They use Pinterest for blogging, to look for different products, buy them, or search queries for newer ideas and solutions to their problems.

This social media platform can generate 33% more referral traffic for your website compared to Facebook.

Yes, there is potential, even for bloggers. They derive more audiences over to their blog posts from Pinterest. But how? This article is all about that. Here are six effective ways to use Pinterest for blogging. This article will be helpful if you are someone running a blogging business.

How To Use Pinterest For Blogging? 6 Pro Tips That Work

Here are some pro tips you can use to boost blog traffic using Pinterest.

Make A Blog Board On Pinterest

There is no point in missing out on those potential audiences who use Pinterest. You can drive them to your blog and then to your business by showcasing your blog on Pinterest.

How to do that? First, make a blog board on Pinterest and showcase your blogs on that platform.

A blog audience today can become a customer tomorrow. Here are the step-by-step processes to make a catchy blog board on Pinterest –

  • A Catchy Pinterest Blog Board: First, make a blog board title that resonates with the theme of your blog. If your blog is about Fashion, you can use names like My Dress Code/ Summer Dress For Women. Some bloggers also create board image covers of the same name as the board. These extra efforts always pay off.
  • SEO-optimized Blog Boards: you cannot just create a blog board and leave it be. You need them to appear on the SERP. So, optimize the blog boards using keywords and hashtags. Relevant keywords will always give you the needed push. 

Create Catchy Pins In Pinterest For Blogging

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, and the best way to stand out is by creating catchy pins. Use a mixture of unique visuals and graphics to make your pins stand out. Also, since you will be driving Pinterest traffic to your blog, you can use the blog titles on the pin images.

This way, your viewers will understand what the pins are about. They will have a better reason for clicking through to the blog. In addition, use keywords relevant to that Pin or your blog post.

A good piece of advice you can follow is to maintain your brand’s tonality throughout the pins you post on Pinterest for blog post promotion.

Increase Engagement On Pinterest For Blogging 

How to use Pinterest for blogging effectively? Pinterest engagement works like a two-way kind of communication. First, you engage with others and get them to engage on your Blog Boards via similar interest

You cannot just post a few pins and expect people to flood it with comments or share with others. You must first engage and comment on others’ pins. Next, in return, they will engage on your Pin. Pinterest is a social media platform, and you must treat it like one. Comment on the pins of others and share those pins with people who might be interested.

Also, bring in different new concepts like DIY contests, polls, and challenges inside your pins to drive more engagement.

Use the “Pin It” Button To Multiply Blog Traffic

People who know how to use Pinterest for blogging take advantage of the “Pin It button” on the platform. It is a feature letting users pin others’ posts to their Pinterest board.

When your followers click on the Pin it button, they can put it on their own Pinterest board. This allows Pinterest users to show your pins to their followers. This is a way of boosting the visibility of your blog on Pinterest.

It is an easy way to promote your blog or drive traffic to the website through the Pin It button. But how do you add the Pin It button to the blog? There are two ways of doing it. Use a plugin, or you can directly add the Pin It button to the website’s code. You can use tools like Pinterest Widget Builder.

Blog Post Pins That Are Easy To Find

Let the search engine and the Pinterest algorithm know what your posts are about. It will help your audience find you easily both on Pinterest and on the Google search engine.

I have already said it before, but use keywords on your pin titles and the descriptions. It will help you optimize the posts and your blog posts, helping the audiences easily find your posts.

Also, when you search for keywords, ensure to find the ones that are related to your blogs, blog posts, and the theme of the Pinterest board. For example, if you have a fashion blog, you can use keywords such as ‘street outfit ideas,’ ‘summer fashion,’ ‘fashion for women,’ etc.

You can use high search volume and low competition keywords to optimize your blogs.

Use Rich Pins 

How to use Pinterest for blogs? Rich Pins are one of the most dynamic ways of building your audience on blogs through Pinterest. These pins are dynamic. It uses the metadata from your blogging website and shows the changes you make to your website on Pinterest.

Rich Pins have three types –

  • Product pins
  • Article pins
  • Recipe pins

Since you want to drive traffic to your blog, you will choose Article Pins.

Once you add rich pins to your board, it gives your blog a dynamic and rich look. In addition, it also showcases important information to pick the interests of most of your users. Now, your users have more reasons for clicking on your pins and getting on your posts.

This does not take long. You have to copy the website URL or the blog post URL. Next, head over to the Pinterest developer website to create your Pin.

Final Words

So, ‘How to use Pinterest for blogging?’ I hope you have your answer by now. These were some of the actionable tips you could use to boost audiences on your blog via Pinterest. Of course, there are more methods, tips, and tricks you can apply. But these are a few Kickstarter you must build a habit around if you are to boost your audience on your blog.

Now, there are countless automation tools that make your work easier. Once you also start using them, it will feel effortless and also effective.

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