How To Shop In The USA and Get Your Goods Delivered in Poland

How To Shop In The USA And Get Your Goods Delivered In Poland

The shopping process in the US, with delivery to Poland is now easier than ever with Polonez America. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can shop from the USA and have your items delivered hassle free to Poland.

Ordering in The US

So, how to shop in the USA from Poland? This will start by going through your favorite online stores in the USA and choosing what you want to buy. During checkout, use Polonez America’s ( warehouse address as your shipping address.

Polonez America Website Registration

Upon placing an order, register on Polonez America’s website and provide the tracking number and content of your order. This enables them to track your package and prepare for its arrival.

Measurement and Notification

Once it gets to their warehouse, Polonez America measures the actual size and weight of the package. They then inform you about it as well as give feedback on the dimensions if there are any changes that have been made.

Creating Shipment To Poland

On the website, all the details are provided by Polonez America. Make a shipment to Poland and pay for it. You could also have several orders assembled into one parcel shipment so that you save on shipment costs.

Customs Clearance and Delivery

Upon arrival in Poland, Polonez America clears customs for your parcel before delivering it straight to your doorstep. They do this with utmost professionalism, making sure that all customs procedures are followed and that there are no hitches in the delivery process.

Advantages of Online Shopping in the USA with Polonez America

  1. Access to US Online Stores: It allows one access to a wide range of brands available at US online stores.
  2. Convenient Warehouse Address: When buying through online means from the USA, just use the warehouse address of Polonez America when ordering.
  3. Consolidated Shipments: By merging various orders into one parcel shipment, they help save shipping costs.
  4. Professional Handling: The experienced team at Polonez measures out, processes, and delivers packages.

Polozen America – Essential Details 

Polonez America is one of the biggest shipping companies that ships from the USA to Poland. Although there are many such companies in Poland, Polonez America is one such company that stands out. This is because it mostly focuses on the quality of services and customer satisfaction.

According to its official website, “Polonez offers a wide range of commercial and personal shipments from the USA to Poland, Europe, and Central Asia through sea or air, using parcels or shipping containers. We offer a delivery directly to recipients’ houses or if you wish you can pick up your shipment from one of our locations in Poland.

The organization also helps you to do your shopping in the USA. The items include electronics, apparel, supplements, auto parts, etc. It is not always possible to find such items in Poland. However, even if you find such items, they might be too costly for you to consider. Therefore, if you shop online on US-based websites, Polonez America will be able to facilitate.

With the help of Polonez America, you will be able to shop at certain stores where you will get the best deals and offers. The organization has connections with those stores and can give you details about various offers and deals throughout the year.

Apart from that, you can also get notifications of various deals during special events. During such events, if you shop online in the USA, you will get access to big deals. Here, Polonez America can help you ship the products from the USA to Poland at the place where you stay.

Polonez America: How it Helps You to Get Your Favorite Products?

There are three ways through which Polonez America offers services in the form of shipments from the USA to Poland:

  • Parcel Shipment
  • Vehicle Shipment
  • Commercial LCL and FCL Shipping
  • Resettlement

The company has been assisting many companies and individuals to do online shopping in the USA and then ship to Poland. It offers end-to-end shipping services from the time it shops online to the time it reaches the shipping terminal in the USA. After that, it takes the shipping responsibility (either by water or air) to Poland, finally up to the point where you receive the products you bought.

For many years, Polonez America has been shipping millions of products, vehicles, and other items from the USA to Poland. Hence, if you want to ship large purchases from USA to Poland, you must choose Polonez America at all times. Furthermore, the shipping experts will help you in the shipping process, either through phone or E-mail.

Additional Factors About Polonez America

If you are choosing to ship products from the USA to Poland, Polonez America is your ideal partner. This company also enables you to calculate your shipment charges on its website. Apart from that, you will also have the option to select your choice of services, for example, repacking, consolidation, etc.

Basically, you can shop from any store in the USA, and Polonez America will ship to your doorstep. Furthermore, you also get the option for real-time tracking. In addition to that, you will also get various discounts on shipping rates from time to time.

One of the best things about Polonez America is that your product gets 100% insurance whenever it is shipping from the USA to India. All you need to do is choose the product you want to buy, enter your address, and choose to ship the product through Polonez America.

By choosing Polonez America as a shipping partner, you will always be at an advantage. The shipment is fast and deals are also cost-effective at the same time.


Through Polonez America, shopping in the USA and receiving goods in Poland has never been easier. This simple procedure allows you to enjoy a variety of brands and products that are available from online stores throughout the United States while having them delivered directly to your home in Poland. You can trust Polonez America for all your international shipping needs including seamless online shopping from the USA to Poland.



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