How To Find A Job? – Step By Step Guide

How To Find A Job With Some easy Steps That You Should Know

Looking for a job is always a rigorous process. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate who is willing to land an interview or a professional who wants to change his sector. You are bound to get impatient when you are stuck in this phase. That’s why we are here to guide you on how to find a job.

But, just because we will give you some tips on how to find a job doesn’t mean you will get a job immediately. Patience, and perseverance are the fellow passengers in this journey, so you have to be persistent with that. But, if you follow our tips, the job hunting process may look a lot easier. So, let’s get on with that.


How To Find A Job?

You must register into the best job portals, and make a kick-ass CV to find a job. Now, we are not saying that these are the only two steps here, but these are certainly the ones to get you started. So, let’s find out the steps of how to find a job.

1: Find The Best Job Portals

Find The Best Job Portals

Yes, no matter how many times you have heard the names of these job portals, registering here will always be the first step to finding the ans. of ‘how to find a job’. Robert Half, Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Jobs.Com, Glassdoor, Ladders, are some of the best job portals in 2021. You can check out these sites, and filter your search results. 

If you think the best job portals can’t get you a good job, then how to find a job? You can work with a personal recruiter. There are several consulting agencies who’ll personally mail your CV to recruiters. You can hire them, and get done with the regular checking of job sites once, and for all.

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2: Use Keywords To Make Your Job Search More Focused

Use Keywords To Make Your Job Search More Focused

I am telling you this from my personal experience. As a HR Recruiter myself, I search for the keywords in the job portals to find the most potential CVs. So, make sure your resume has the keywords that are the most relevant in your industry. 

For example, if you are a content writer, and looking for a job in the same domain, make sure your CV has the word ‘content’ in it multiple times. You can use synonymous words like ‘content editor’, ‘content researcher’, ‘content marketer’, ‘content analyst’, etc. Even when you look for jobs, use the same keywords to find your preferred job options.

3: Give Your Social Media Profiles A Professional Outlook

Give Your Social Media Profiles A Professional Outlook

You don’t need to make your Facebook, or Instagram handle all professional, but you can certainly add some of your professional achievements there. Modern recruiters often surf through the candidate’s social media profiles to know a bit about them. So, use that opportunity carefully.

If not, you can always add a refined, and professional touch in your LinkedIn profile. Write an engaging, and comprehensive profile, and highlight all your experience in the summary field. Add your resume in the summary section.  Request some LinkedIn recommendations from the people you have worked with in the past because that will give your profile more weight.

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4: Expand Your Network

Expand Your Network

Once you have given your social media handles a bit of a professional touch, start using them. Expand your network, because you never know which one of your connections will be of your help. If you are just a fresh graduate reading this blog, make sure you find networking opportunities from your college alumni.

Send a lot of connection requests, and converse with your connections too. If you have left a job, you can use your past colleagues to add in your connection list. The more expansive your network will be, the better chances you’ll have, on landing a good job.

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5: Enlist Your Dream Companies

Enlist Your Dream Companies

If you are a professional, you may already have a list of all your dream companies. But, if you are a fresh graduate, you can make this list now. Whatever information you will need to make this list is present online. If you have a list of all your dream employers, you can think out of the box to get your application noticed.

You can sign up for their email newsletters to get notifications whenever they have job openings. You can do a little outreach program too so that you get the job alerts as soon as they are posted on the sites. It will increase your chances of getting a job faster.

6: Focus On The Cover Letters As Much As You Focus On The Resumes

Focus On The Cover Letters As Much As You Focus On The Resumes

It’s nothing new that when you apply for a job, you have to make a resume. But, how many of you make a cover letter along with that? The answer is almost zero, right? Well, cover letters are equally important to create a lasting impression on the recruiter’s mind. 

Cover Letters allow recruiters to get a better understanding of your skills so that they can better judge your suitability in that job role. CVs are more mechanical, but cover letters have a personal touch. Write in such a way that speaks to your recruiter, and you will land an interview in no time.

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7: Prepare For The Interview

Prepare For The Interview

If you follow all of the earlier mentioned tips, you will get an interview, that’s for sure. But, now comes the hardest part. Make sure you prepare for the interview before you make an appearance. The more prepared you’ll be, the more confident you’ll appear, and that will impress your interviewers.

You can search online for the probable interview questions that people ask, and prepare the answers beforehand. When they will ask you to describe yourself, go a bit further than what is already present in your CV. You also have to dress appropriately. Make sure there are no sweat patches visible on your body when you sit for the interview because that also creates a poor impression.

8: Follow-Up In Necessary

Follow-Up In Necessary

Once you are done with the interview, don’t forget to thank everyone at the table. But, just because they said, they will get back to you with an answer, doesn’t mean you can’t ask them first. Keep on reiterating your interest in that job role, and remind your recruiter why you are a good fit for that role.

Everyone likes it when you compliment them for small things. So, leave a ‘thank you’ note for the interviewer to the hiring manager because that will create a certain impression. Even if they get back to you with a negative response, thank them, and tell them to keep you notified for future openings.

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9: Accept The Offer

Accept The Offer

When you finally get the job offer, it’s crucial that you thoroughly review it, and then make a decision. Check all the terms, and conditions present on the offer letter, and contact your HR if any doubt pops in your head. Just because you got a job offer, doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You can also decline it, but evaluate it thoroughly before doing that.

You always don’t have to think from a ‘yes’, or ‘no’ perspective. If you think you can make a few negotiations, and then accept the offer, contact your HR regarding that. If you find your salary is not up to the mark, you can ask for some additional perks too. But, whatever you do, make sure you check the offer letter with an eagle’s eye. 

Wrapping It Up

There are many sites that will give you different ideas to find the ans. of how to find a job. We have talked about nine simple steps here that will surely help you in your ‘how to find a job’ journey. But, we may have forgotten to mention one little thing. We told you how you have to be patient, and tenacious during this process. But, you also have to stay motivated and for that always remember;

‘Who says you can’t make a hole in the sky,

My dear friend, at least throw a stone properly.’

For further questions please get back to us in the comment section.

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