How To Encourage Someone: 9 Inspiring Ways

How To Encourage Someone

Everyone needs encouragement and appreciation in their life to keep up their good work. Also, you may need some inspiration and motivation in your career or social work. So, it’s important to uplift others regardless of whether the person is a family member, a friend, an employee, or a stranger. But do you know how to encourage someone? 

A little smile and simple words of encouragement can do wonders. In this article, we will know different ways on how to encourage someone. Take some time out from your day to cheer up someone for their good deeds who crosses your path. 


Inspiring Ways On How To Encourage Someone

Encouraging people will boost their morale and feel confident about themselves. Here are some inspiring ways on how to encourage someone in your family, workplace, or in social situations. 

1. Show That You Genuinely Care

First and foremost, you should be honest and genuine when you show that you care. One of the best ways to express that you care is to give them a gentle smile. Sometimes a smile is not enough, so you can use some words of encouragement. Another thing that shows you care is to listen to them. 

If you are a business leader, you should take time to learn about them, their interests, dreams, challenges, and communicate to help them out. When you care about the things they care about is a great way to encourage them. 

2. Tell Them Verbally

Your words have the power to make someone feel confident. When you say to someone, “I believe in you and your ability,” it boosts their confidence. So, use your words of encouragement as a way to make others feel confident. 

No matter who it is, whether your friends, family members, coworkers, or employees, you can tell them that you believe in them and you are confident that they will become successful. 

3. Send A Note

Even if you don’t know how to encourage someone, you can send a note by simply writing what’s good about them. I’ve realized how the notes from my teammate helped me when I was not in a good mood to work. They sent me notes about my strengths, and I pasted them on my desk in front of me.

The great thing about notes is that people keep the notes with them forever. They will get encouragement and feel positive when they read it. So, you can send notes and some words of encouragement in writing to whom you want to encourage. Also, you can send them an encouragement email. 

4. Share Their Story With Others 

It’s one of the powerful ways to encourage anyone. When you tell others about the strengths or good deeds of someone, the person will not only feel positive but also the feeling will remain for a long time in their mind.

You can praise and appreciate your spouse in public. If you want to encourage your kids, you can talk about their strengths and praise them in front of others. Also, you can talk about your teammates in front of your manager. It will create a culture of encouragement in your workplace. 

5. Encourage Even For A Small Effort

It may look very small for you, but a little encouragement makes the doer feel proud about their work. They will get the motivation to work more and are willing to put in more effort next time. You never know those small efforts can become very large one day. So, you should encourage others even if it’s a little thing. 

6. Boost Morale

You can boost the morale of a person in many different ways. Praising them in front of others, telling specific qualities about them, can boost their morale. You can simply use the encouragement phrases such as “Good Job,” “Excellent Work,” “Keep Up the Good Work,” and more.

Even if you don’t know how to encourage someone or you feel shy and awkward about it, you should start this habit. Gradually, you will see that it has a big impact on your life too. 

7. Praise When You Introduce Someone

Adding a few positive words about a person while introducing them to the public or in front of others will make them feel proud and special. Here you can address specific things about them and what they are good at. 

When you say this, they will remember the event and situation in their life for a long time. Not only in front of the public, but you can also praise them when you introduce someone in front of one or two people. 

8. Send Flowers Or Gifts

Sending flowers is also a way to encourage someone. However, it’s not always a good way of encouragement. So, you should think about whether sending flowers would be appropriate for the situation. Otherwise, sometimes people may take it in the wrong way when you send flowers for encouragement.

If you don’t think sending flowers is a good way to encourage a particular situation, you can send gifts. Everyone loves to receive gifts, but you need to put a little effort into finding the right gift for them. 

9. Help And Support Them

Sometimes, your words of encouragement and celebration are not enough; you may need to do a little more. For example, if your kids are doing great at something, you should not only praise them, you should also help and support them financially for pursuing that hobby or interest. 

It’s also important in the workplace. If you see that your employees are performing well and putting in their hard work to achieve something, you should offer them employee benefits such as promotion, cash rewards, and more to encourage and help them grow. 


Hopefully, the above information has helped you to learn how to encourage someone. Encouraging people helps them to continue their good work and do more. No matter who it is, you can use the above tips to encourage your friends, family members, teammates, and even strangers. Lastly, please don’t hesitate to share if you want to add some more ways to encourage others.

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