Force Field Analysis: A Complete Guidance About Them In 2024

Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is one of the essential management tools used by businesses to accommodate changes in business processes or the organization. This type of analysis is a great tool that can allow making business-related changes faster and also in an effective manner.

In this article, we have tried to make you understand the importance of Force Field Analysis so that you find the model useful for your business processes. We will also give you a better idea of when to use the tool in your business. On the other hand, we will also give you an idea of how to conduct this type of analysis in your business.

What Is Force Field Analysis? – A General Overview   

What Is Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis was developed in 1951 by one of the greatest psychologists in modern times, Kurt Lewin. Lewin’s Force Field Analysis was specially created to manage change. This is one of the most widely used tools by businesses to facilitate decision-making in the organization.

According to the American Society for Quality, “Force field analysis is a basic tool for root cause analysis that can help you take action once the root cause has been identified. The technique is based on the assumption that any situation is the result of forces for and against the current state being in equilibrium. Countering the opposing forces and/or increasing the favorable forces will help induce a change by reinforcing positives and eliminating or reducing negatives.”

During change planning, the Force Field Analysis acts as a powerful diagnostic decision-making tool, which has the ability to bring out effective change management. You can basically use the tool to visually map and identify the major driving and restraining forces in the business.

Furthermore, you will also have a better idea of what the things that are acting for the change initiative are and what the things that are acting against the initiative are.

This, in turn, will help you to find out and act on the unfavorable factors and limit them so that the organization is in a better position to implement the change processes. Hence, the Force Field Analysis tool has become one of the most helpful in effectively bringing out change management.

Force Field Analysis: How Does It Work In A Business Organization?  

Force Field Analysis How Does It Work In A Business Organization

The principal idea behind the Force Field Analysis is that a given situation remains the same because there are counterbalancing forces that are acting against each other. Some forces drive change, while some oppose any change. All these forces, by acting against one another, create a state of equilibrium.

If you want to promote change in your business organization, you must always try to find out the driving and resisting forces in terms of the change. Then, you must try to either strengthen the driving forces or weaken the resisting forces.

Uses Of Force Field Analysis  

Uses Of Force Field Analysis  

The following are the major uses of Force Field Analysis:

  • You will be able to understand and analyze the balance of power that is associated with the change.
  • You will be in a better position to find out the key roles in the process of decision-making.
  • Find out the people and groups that are opposing or supporting the change that is happening in the organization.
  • You can find out various ways to influence those people who have a stand against the change in the organization.
  • Finally, you will have a better idea of whether to implement the change or not in the organization.

When the management of a company makes use of force field analysis, they do so to start a new initiative. As a result, they enter the process by understanding the current balance of power within the organization. As a manager, you will also be able to get an idea of the driving forces of the organization that propel change, as well as the resisting forces that can slow down the level of change.

This will further help leaders of the organization with the right knowledge. Hence, they will be able to make decisions better. Thus, they will be able to create a path forward for the organization that makes use of driving forces and steers resisting forces. 

How Does Force Field Analysis Help To Implement Change Management?  

Force field analysis is a method that is popular in management practices. It finds most of its application in change management. You can use force field analysis if you want to understand most change processes in organizations. explains –

According to the force field theory in social science, all forms of organizational change must contend with driving forces that advance change and restraining forces that prevent change. You can use a decision-making tool called a force field analysis to assess what forces will impact your desired change for your organization.”

With the help of this analysis, you will be able to find out how opposing forces of a business help an organization drive change and cement its current change. In practical situations, force field analysis helps managers deal with change initiatives in the culture of an organization. They do this by tapping into human psychology, market trends, and process management. Basically, with the help of this form of analysis, organizations construct a force field diagram. With the help of these diagrams, they can create a roadmap for action plans. Furthermore, managers are also able to analyze various positive and negative forces for change. With the help of this, business leaders are able to create opposing actions in the organization in return for the current state of equilibrium in the organization.

The Best Ways To Conduct Force Field Analysis For Your Business  

The Best Ways To Conduct Force Field Analysis For Your Business

To effectively introduce change in the business organization, you must use this analysis to find out the driving forces and the restraining forces. Then, by analyzing the goals, you can propose the change and decide what aspects you will need to work on to implement it.

To perform such an analysis, you will need the Force Field Analysis template to analyze the driving and resisting forces. You will get such templates readily on the internet. However, the best way to carry out this analysis is to create a small group of five to nine people. Make sure these people are involved directly in the change implementation.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to conduct a Force Field Analysis on your business organization so as to implement change management:

Step 1: Assess The Situation In Your Hand  

By creating a group, you must discuss the situation with the members and key stakeholders. This will give you a better idea of the major challenges and opportunities and better clarity of the issue.

Step 2: Define Your Goals And Objective  

You need to clearly define your goals and objectives. Then, you will be able to find the expected outcome of the change initiative.

Step 3: Find Out The Driving Forces  

These are the forces that stand in favor of the change. Hence, it is important to find them out as they act as motivating aspects of the change.

Step 4: Find Out The Restraining/ Resisting Forces  

These are the forces that block the path of change and counter the driving forces. You need to realistically list out and analyze these forces for better outcomes.

Step 5: Analyze The Forces  

By assigning scores to each force, you can evaluate the impact or possible impact of the force toward the change. Based on that, you can assess the viability of the change.

Step 6: Make An Action Plan  

After analysis, you will have a clear idea of whether to go with the change or not. And if you want to implement the change, then what are the things you need to do?

Summing Up:  

In this article, you have got a basic idea of Force Field Analysis and how to implement it in your business for change management. By the use of this tool, you will have a better idea of the driving forces and the restraining forces of the change. Make sure you use a Force Field Analysis template to analyze the forces and make a suitable action plan. Do you think this analysis is useful for your business? Share with us your opinion regarding the same.

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