Financial Match Connects Small Businesses To The Funding They Need

Financial Match Connects Small Businesses

February 10, 2023 –  The Financial Match for a B2B consultant company is working with small businesses across all industries. This will go to help them to get the funding that they will need.

Many small businesses are unaware of the potential funds which are available to them, specifically for the Employee Retention Credits (ERC), which can provide up to $26,000 for each W-2 employee, which is going under the IRS ERC program.


What Is The Meaning Of Financial Match?

What Is The Meaning Of Financial Match?

In traditional concepts, the matching principle represents the accounting principle. Financial matches are established with the help of business records and other expenses. The target is to recognize the business terms and then incur the expenses to earn the revenue.

The company profile matches the Financial match. This is the first step to getting a financial supply for the small business. The concept is specially designed for B2B advisory firms, and it creates the U.S. business for good connections. The best tax credit is to grant the programs and then start your small business. The financial match is profitable for both sides.

Financial matches are a rapidly growing trend for the 2023 business. The advisory firm created a U.S. business to be well connected and to get the best tax credits along with the granted programs.

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What Are The Basic Functions Of Financial Matches?

Financial Match was created to help guide small businesses through the ERC application process. With most business owners focused on the work in front of them or getting more business, the monotony of paperwork and IRS forms is daunting and intimidating.

Financial Match is putting out some important information to consider regarding ERC credits, including:

  • There is no cap on refunds.
  • A 50-employee business can get up to $1.3 million.
  • Clients have received payments in as little as 60 days.

Recently it was announced that the IRS would be decreasing the amount available to qualifying small businesses beginning in October 2023. Financial Match is determined to help qualifying businesses take action by answering any questions they may have. Many CPAs have deterred business owners from applying due to misinformation.

How Are Financial Matches Helping Small Businesses?

How Are Financial Matches Helping Small Businesses

Financial Match has already successfully connected several small businesses with the resources necessary to apply and receive the funding required to keep them afloat in an ever-changing economy.

“I was skeptical, but I liked that they never asked for any upfront fee. They worked diligently and fast. I felt like I had a true partner the entire time. Words can’t describe how grateful I was when I received a $182,900 ERC check less than 3 months later. Thank you to everyone at Financial Match,”

said Terry O’Grady, facility owner of Backyard Games LLC.

“ERC seemed too complicated. I didn’t think I’d qualify since I took PPP. But Financial Match really came through for us. They got us over $200,000 in less than 60 days. I used the money to upgrade our facility, and now I think we will make it through these next few turbulent years,”

said Robert S., CarStar Collisions LLC.

Prospective clients can check their eligibility on Financial Match’s website to estimate their possible ERC payout by using their online tools.

About Financial Match

Founded in Boca Raton, the FL Financial Match. This is a leading national business advisory practice for thriving on creating meaningful relationships with businesses. The company works with a network of the expertise CPAs who are there for assisting every client in quantifying and filing for ERC Credits.

For learning about bottom-line enhancing grants, Financial Match, and applying for the ERC program, please go to today!

Good Luck For Your Freshly Started Small business

Good Luck For Your Freshly Started Small business

Small businesses require more time than your expectations for standing. Usually, financial gatherings are going to be challenging when you do not have that much recognition and branding. Financial matches are the solution for all these issues. You will get the support right on time. And also can save you time. Which types of financial matches do you prefer to have? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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