How Much Does Document Shredding Cost And Why Is It Important?


Small businesses require an optimum level of security for both their offline data and online data. That’s why we have been focusing much on what we have popularized as Cybersecurity. 

While Cybersecurity is good, we are missing a major aspect of data security that needs attention. I am talking about the physical security of confidential documents. Ever thought about it?

Secure document destruction is an essential practice for any businesses that are looking for ways to safeguard sensitive information from being compromised. When it comes to securing a business from identity theft and corporate espionage, document shredding is a great measure. 

This article explores the cost and benefits of document shredding for small businesses, highlighting how it ensures secure document destruction and compliance with data protection regulations.


What Is Document Shredding?  

Document shredding is the process of mechanically cutting paper documents into tiny pieces. This makes it nearly impossible to reassemble the documents and steal the information they contain. 

This technique is great for small businesses that want to stay protected from identity theft and the circulation of sensitive information. They can keep their client’s information safe and safeguard their employees with the help of document shredding. There are two main approaches to tackling secure document destruction:  

1. Do-it-yourself Shredding

The first option here is to follow the DIY method for shredding paper. Consider buying a personal shredding machine that you can use either at home or in your office. Although these shredders are less prominent and way more potent than the industrial ones, they are capable of shredding a limited quantity of paper.

2. Professional Document Shredding

Many businesse­s provide secure docume­nt shredding services. The­y will come to your location, securely shre­d your documents using industrial-grade machines, and e­ven recycle the­ shredded paper afte­rwards. This is perfect for companies that have­ a large volume of documents to de­stroy or need a higher le­vel of security for sensitive­ information.

The Benefits Of Document Shredding  

Document shredding is crucial for several reasons, especially for small businesses:  

1. Shields Against Identity Theft

Imagine throwing away bank statements, credit card bills, or old tax returns without shredding. These documents often contain a goldmine for identity thieves—Social Security numbers, account numbers, and even your address. 

A simple paper shredding routine turns these documents into useless confetti, significantly reducing the risk of someone piecing together your personal information and using it for fraudulent purposes.

Data privacy laws are now widespread across many industries. These laws dictate how businesses must handle and discard sensitive customer data. Failing to follow these regulations can lead to steep fines and harm your company’scompany’s reputation. By securely shredding documents once their retention period ends, you show responsible data management and avoid any legal issues.

3. Safeguards Against Corporate Espionage

In the difficult business world, confidential information is a precious and of immense value. Rival companies or even malicious individuals may attempt to steal trade secrets, product designs, or marketing plans using tactics like dumpster diving. 

Shredding sensitive documents like proposals, contracts, or internal reports prevents this sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands and giving competitors an unfair edge. By destroying these materials, you eliminate the risk of compromising your company’scompany’s valuable assets.

4. Promotes Peace of Mind  

Data breaches and identity theft can be incredibly stressful experiences. By hiring a document destruction service, you gain peace of mind knowing that you’reyou’re taking proactive steps to safeguard your personal or business information. This reduces the worry of potential security vulnerabilities and allows you to focus on other important matters.  

5. Benefits the Environment

The good news is that shredded paper doesn’t have to end up in landfills. Once the valuable documents are shredded, small businesses can get the help of the shredding companies to reuse them. Yes, some of these shredding companies provide recycling programs where the shredded paper is pulped and turned into new paper products.

So, this means destroying valuable data but keeping the papers. It’sIt’s a win-win situation for small businesses. 

This reduces the environmental impact of paper production, which requires significant resources like trees and water. Shredding documents is more than securing your data; it is a way to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

The Average Cost  

Now, if you are thinking of shredding your small business” valuable documents, you must be wondering how much these services cost. There are several key factors that determine the cost of paper shredding. 

But, in most cases, these service providers charge something between 10 cents to $1 per pound of paper you are shredding. This is a standard price charged by most professional shredding service providers. 

This translates to an average cost of about $30 per standard-size box of paper. However, you may end up paying a different price depending on the service provider’sprovider’s price range. Usually, it can range between $15 to $35 per box, based on the service provider and the job’s specifics.  

Factors That Impact Cost of Document Shredding

The cost of document shredding services can vary depending on several key factors. If you are thinking of taking any of these services, it would help if you know the factors that affect the price of shredding. Here are some of those factors – 

1. Volume Of Paper  

Just like buying a bulk of paper at a time costs you less than it would have if you bought them in bulk, paper shredding costs less if you have a higher volume of paper that needs shredding. You will get a lower price per pound. But, paper document shredding with a smaller volume of paper means a higher price.

For example, if you are shredding small batches of paper, a company might charge you $1 per pound. However, the dollar-per-pound ratio will change when you get hundreds of pounds of paper shredded. 

2.Service Type  

When choosing a document shredding service, the type of service you are using affects the price you have to pay. Based on location, there are two types of services you can opt for –

On-Site Service

On-site document shredding would require your shredding service provider to bring the machine to your site and help with shredding the paper. This process helps eliminate the need to arrange transport to carry the documents over to the service provider. But, this requires more logistics and resource charges from the company. So, you will have to pay more per pound price. 

Offsite Service 

Offsite shredding means dropping your documents to your service provider’s secure document shredding facility. You can also opt for pickup options where your documents get picked up in locked bins. This is comparatively a less expensive option for small businesses looking for a document shredding service. 

The services can also vary and depend on the volume of paper or be priced on a per-box basis. Usually, these service providers provide service based on –

  • Per pound basis.
  • Per box basis. 
  • Or One-time shredding services.

3. Frequency Of Shredding 

If you have a consistent flow of documents that need shredding, opting for a regularly scheduled service can be more cost-effective. Many companies offer recurring shredding plans at a discounted rate per visit compared to one-time purges. This predictability allows the shredding company to optimize its operations and potentially offer you a lower price.  

4. Geographical Location  

The location where you require shredding services can also influence the price. Generally, urban areas with a higher concentration of businesses and service providers tend to have more competitive pricing. This is due to the increased competition among shredding companies vying for your business. In contrast, rural areas with fewer service providers might have slightly higher prices.  

How can you save money on paper shredding? 

Here’sHere’s little more help if you want to save money while getting your physical paper documents shredded. The following points have some factors that you determine how and how much you can save while getting the documents shredded –

  • the volume of paper that you need to shred. 
  • how often do you have to shred the paper documents?
  • are you getting the papers shredded on site or do you have to bring the paper to the service provider’s location?
  • what’s the payment per pound or per box for shredding your paper documents?
  • Does your company produce enough paper documents to require your business’sbusiness’s own paper shredding machine?

these are some factors that affect the amount you have to pay for the shredding of your business’ documents. 

Wrapping Up  

Secure document shredding offers a cost-effective means for small businesses and to dispose of sensitive information. This process itself has a crucial role in securing your business from data theft and breaches. You never know, when you might have to pay hefty fines for non-compliance with privacy laws. That’s why it’s important to get rid of unusable physical data through document shredding process. By incorporating regular shredding into your routine, you significantly strengthen your overall security posture.

Hopefully, this article was of some value to you.  Should you need any more help, do let us know through the comment section.



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