Disney And Charter To Put An End To Their Issues With Cable Blackout

Disney And Charter To Put An End To Their Issues With Cable Blackout

Recently, Disney and Charter (the operator of Spectrum) reached a deal to solve issues related to cable blackout last week. Both Disney and Charter came to an agreement a few hours before the streaming of “Monday Night Football” was aired on ESPN.

As per the deal, the packages that are meant for Charter’s Spectrum customers should include ad-supported apps like Disney+ and ESPN+. This deal has put an end to the fight between the two cable giants Disney and Charter Communications, over the issue of cable blackout.

The solution of the deal came in a few hours before the streaming of “Monday Night Football,” which was to be aired on Disney’s ESPN. The deal was helpful as it would enable millions of customers of Charter Cable to watch the game.

According to CNBC,

The deal will see Disney’s ad-supported streaming apps Disney+ and ESPN+ included in packages for some of Charter’s Spectrum pay-TV customers. Disney will receive an increase in the subscriber fees it receives from Charter.

Earlier reports said that a deal between the two companies would happen, and the deal would include a discount for Charter’s customers on Disney Streaming Services’ pricing.

The following are the major highlights of the deal:

  1. The Charter customers who purchase the Spectrum TV Select package will get the Disney+ basic ad-supported offering as well.
  2. The Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers will also get the services of ESPN+.
  3. After the launch of the highly anticipated ESPN streaming service, it shall be available to Spectrum TV Select subscribers.

The deal was a good one, as the stocks of both Disney and Charter traded higher on Monday after, along with the ones of media peers like Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery.

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