Contract Interest Rates See A 22-Year High, As Demand For Weekly Mortgage Drops Again

Weekly mortgage demand drops again, as interest rates match a 22-year high

The average contract interest rate for fixed-rate mortgages of 30 years, along with conforming loan balances ($726,200 or less), increased from 7.09% to 7.16%. Hence, there has been a drop in demand for mortgages. However, it is worth noting that mortgage demand for homebuyers was 26% less this week than just one year ago.

Therefore, home loan refinance applications fell 2% for the same week and dropped 35% as compared to the same week one year ago. This data was brought in by the Mortgage Banker’s Association’s seasonally adjusted index.

The rise in the average contract interest rate was a straight increase for the week, and since October 2022, this data is the highest. This number also matches the highest level of 2001 interest rates.

According to Joel Kan, an expert on mortgages and interest rates, said in a release,

Treasury rates were elevated again last week following mixed data on inflation and more indication of resiliency in the economy, which may pose a challenge to the Federal Reserve’s efforts to lower inflation.

Furthermore, refinancing applications for home loans also fell 2% last week, and as per the same week of last year, this percentage fell by 35%. Last year, the 3–year fixed rate was 5.45%, and two years ago, from now, the fixed rate was in the 3% range. Since borrowers are not in a position to benefit from this refinance, there are no applications as a result.

The Federal Housing Administration’s share of those loan applications hit its highest level since May 2020. These loans are popular with first-time home buyers as they offer low down-payment options. Hence, the increasing trend of FHA indicates that there is an increase in the number of first-time buyers of homes.

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