10 Best Paying Jobs In Oil & Gas Production

Best Paying Jobs In Oil and Gas Production

Gas and oil-related products will forever remain essential to the growth and operation of human civilization. According to the 2023 data, the oil and gas industry is valued at 7.3 trillion USD. Undoubtedly it is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and there are many best-paying jobs in the oil & gas production industry.

The oil and gas sector has been attracting many talented enthusiasts from around the world. If you are interested in working in this sector, there are some of the best jobs you can find. You can earn a salary of up to $250000 per year in this sector.

So, what are the highest-paying oil rig jobs? Go through this article to find out about the best oilfield jobs.


The Oil & Gas Production Sector – A General Overview  

According to Indeed.com,

The oil and gas industry is a large sector that spans the world and may generate a significantly higher revenue than other industries. This is largely in part because oil is an essential part of the global economy and helps fuel equipment, transportation, drilling companies, and various other industries that rely on gas and oil to function.”

The oil and gas production sector forms a significant part of the energy market. As a result, it is directly involved in affecting the company. In this sector, the major process involves the production and distribution of oil. However, since this is a complex task, professionals working in this sector need to have extensive experience.

Furthermore, joining the oil and gas production sector also requires a certain level of education. This is especially true for people involved in management and the ones in the higher ranks.

However, with a variety of changes in the oil and gas production sector for centuries, there have been various technological advancements. There are many systems in the oil and gas production sector that require up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology for the production process to operate at its optimum level.

Is A Career In The Oil & Gas Production Sector Good For You?  

A career in the oil and gas production sector is a major source of jobs in the United States. Millions of people work in the energy sector, especially in the oil and gas production sector. In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the energy jobs. Hence, there has been a high demand for personnel.

Despite an increasing interest of customers in renewable resources of energy, the need for oil and gas is always high. Hence, if you are looking for ways to get into the oil and gas production sector, you can stay assured of the stability of your job.

Furthermore, a career in the oil and gas production can also allow you to earn more than the national average. In the energy field, the oil and gas production sector is one of the highest-paying sectors.In addition to that, since there are a variety of jobs in the sector, no matter what job you choose, you will be able to learn a variety of skills. Moreover, you will gain a lot of experience, which will help you a lot in furthering your career in the long run. 

Best Paying Jobs In Oil & Gas Production

While many job seekers look for consumer service jobs, you can take a different path in of the gas and oil production industry. Gas and oil field jobs provide professionals with stale career opportunities. Here are some of the best jobs you can find in this sector. –

1. Gas Plant Operator

Gas Plant Operator

As a gas plant operator, you will be in charge of processing and distributing gas to utility companies. You will be distributing the gas using compressors that maintain pipeline pressures. These professionals also distribute gas to industrial plants and use elements like semiautomatic equipment and control boards.

You can work as a gas plant operator with only a high school diploma or a GED. But, you will require on-the-job training to qualify for the best-paying job as a gas operator.

  • You will earn an average yearly salary of $51900 as a gas plant operator.
  • A General Overview Of The Oil & Gas Production Industry  
  • The oil and gas industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world if one considers it as per the value of the dollar. It generated a global revenue of $5 trillion in 2022. Oil is one of the major resources which is crucial for the global economic framework. It impacts everything like electricity, heating, transport, manufacturing, industrial production, etc.
  • According to the International Labor Organization, “As one of the world’s primary fuel sources, the oil and gas industry has shaped the global economy for decades. The industry has helped transform mobility, transport, electricity provision, heating, cooling, and cooking. In addition to powering our economies, oil and gas is the base ingredient in thousands of manufactured products that businesses and consumers use every day.
  • In 2020, 3% of global GDP consisted of contributions from the oil and gas industry. In the same year, trade in crude oil was valued at US $640 billion. Hence, this shows that when it comes to commodities, oil is one of the most traded ones. Apart from that, the oil and gas industry is very capital-intensive. Hence, in the year 2020, the oil and gas industry attracted more than US $511 billion in the form of investments.
  • Is The Oil And Gas Industry A Good Career Path?  
  • The oil and gas industry is one of the most attractive career options among new candidates. This is because it offers job security and a higher pay grade. Since there is almost a perpetual need for oil and gas, this industry is always in demand.
  • In the year 2019, the oil and gas industry employed close to 12 million people. Furthermore, with the creation of indirect and induced employment and business opportunities, the impact of employment is much higher. Additionally, there have been more business and employment opportunities for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Moreover, there are plenty of growth opportunities in the oil and gas industries. This is because of broad changes in the energy sector in the last few years. Apart from that, due to a high demand for skilled employees and specialists, the pay grade in the oil and gas industry is pretty high. On the other hand, there are different types of gigs available for people who work in roles that require more physical presence of the employee. Such factors make this industry a great option for businesses.

2. Well Testers 

Well Testers

Another stable and one of the best paying jobs in oil & gas production is the role of the well tester. A well-tester have to evaluate and perform test of the oil pipelines. Their work usually takes place during the development phase of the pipelines. They also check the risk levels by using both surface and subsurface tools, data, and more to check these tools.

You do not have to have a bachelor’s degree for this job opportunity in the gas and oil production industry. A GED or high school diploma is enough for this job. Also, it would help if you could add on-site training experience to your resume.

3. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in oil & gas production, you can go for the role of Chemical engineer. They work to process crude oils using the correct chemicals and ensure the safe and effective use of crude oil. These professionals usually work with scientists and engineers to ensure the safe transformation of crude oil into petroleum and other valuable ingredients. They also help with the storage of crude oil and newly extracted gasoline.

You obviously need a degree in Chemical engineering and experience in the field to work as a chemical engineer.

  • Chemical engineers earn a salary of $82000 per year.

4. Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum Geologist

People looking for the best paying jobs in oil & gas production can choose and opt for the role of petroleum geologist. This job role requires professionals to look for oil and gas reserves underground in different locations. They also use their skills and geological data and help find sites where drilling for oil should be profitable. They also help make a geological makeup of the area where they can drill for oil.

They are efficient with the use of industry-level drilling equipment and can recommend the best equipment for the job. You need a bachelor’s degree to get started as a petroleum geologist.

  • You can expect a salary of $68000 per year as a petroleum geologist.

5. Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales jobs are available across different industries. If you want to become a salesman, then you can go for the best paying jobs in the oil and gas production industry. You will be working as an oil sales representative. One of your responsibilities will be selling finished petroleum goods to manufacturers and wholesalers.

Sales representatives often require a bachelor’s degree. But, you should also develop immense knowledge about the industry trends and products.

  • You can expect an annual salary of $736000 in the role of oil and gas sales representative.

6. Vessel Manager

Vessel Manager

The work of the vessel managers in the oil and gas production companies usually are based on offshore drilling. They train crew members, oversee offshore drilling expeditions and collaborate with the drilling engineers. Their responsibilities also include ensuring the safety of offshore drilling expeditions.

You need a bachelor’s degree in natural science to get started with the career of vessel manager. You also need to take a fleet management trainings.

  • You can expect a salary of $72000 as a vessel engineer.

7. Drilling Engineer

Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers are responsible for the efficient execution of the drilling expedition for the safe extraction of crude oil. They design, test, and supervise the complete drilling operation. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and the related field. Having a state-issued certificate can also help you get a job in this sector.

  • You will earn a salary of $82000 per year.

8. HR Advisor

HR Advisor

HR advisors are an essential part of any industry. You can get one of the best paying jobs in oil & gas production as an HR advisor for an oil and gas company. You will be responsible for reviewing and updating the job information of employees, checking their performance, and going through their grievances. Conflict resolution is also one of their job responsibilities. You must have a bachelor’s degree in the human resources field to get started as an HR advisor.

  • You will earn a salary o $66000 per year.

9. Executive Account Manager

Executive Account Manager

The executive account manager role is one of the best paying jobs in oil & gas production. This role requires the employees to organize, plan, and direct management operations. They also buy target oil accounts and nurture relationships with clients and other companies. You will also work with the investment manager of the company you work for.

The minimum educational requirement for the role of executive account manager is a bachelor’s degree in business management, accounting, or sales.

  • You can expect a salary of $77000 per year.

10. Crude Oil Driver 

Crude Oil Driver

Another important job opportunity in the gas and oil production sector is the role of crude oil driver. As a crude oil driver, you will be responsible for delivering and transporting crude oils and finished products to different locations such as – retailers, gas stations, and more. You need to have a driver’s permit and a minimum level of high school degree or a GED. Having previous experience as a commercial truck driver will be more helpful.

  • You can expect an annual salary of $56000 per year.

Bottom Line

Gas and oil production sectors will sustain and keep on growing. It is the best time to look for the best paying jobs in oil & gas production companies. If you are looking for a career in this sector, then check out the different opportunities I have discussed in this article.

But if you have some extra questions to ask about them, use the comment section below. We usually answer as soon as your query pops up. Thanks for going through this article.

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