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Nowadays, more people are pursuing entrepreneurship to escape from their full-time job. When they want to move out of their comfort zone and choose an uncertain career path, they need motivation and guidance. That’s where business podcasts come into the picture to help them get the right direction to make the transition.

However, there are hundreds of business podcasts available, and listening to every podcast is not helpful. Here you will find the top twenty business podcasts covering important topics for people who are new to entrepreneurship. The list also includes some advanced topics which can help to take your business to the next level.


What Makes A Business Podcast Great?

Some of the best business podcasts that you will come across on the Internet can be referred to as “Branded Podcasts.” This is because there is a brand that is sponsoring or creating the podcast for viewers or listeners. The goal of that particular brand or company is to drive its business by staying in the minds of the viewers/ listeners.

However, the best business podcast is much different than podcasts created for entertainment and personal interest. 

According to,

While entertainment and personal interests can be a part of the subject matter, business podcasts are more for content marketing than entertainment. Business podcasts are created with specific intents and purposes.”

The end goal of a business podcast is to drive the company’s business. Basic things in podcasts like subscriptions, downloads, and ranking on a platform are less important factors for these types of podcasts. The focus is on views and conversions, like what happens with a content marketing material of a business. However, the statistics, subscriptions, and downloads can indicate the direction of the podcast.

No one can deny the fact that for a business, podcasts are actually a great and effective form of content marketing. The following are some of the major characteristics that are present in some of the best business podcasts:

  • The best business podcasts get more mentions and shares on social media, especially among similar industries.
  • Audiences can directly give feedback for the podcasts on social media, or the platform where the podcast was streamed.
  • The target customers learn a lot from the podcast, and they are intent on investing in the products and services of the company.
  • The brand is getting authority in the business industry, as the viewers and target customers are listening. Furthermore, other leaders in the same industry also have good recognition and awareness of the presence of the brand, thanks to those podcasts.
  • Many media brands are even mentioning those podcasts and the brand members (podcast creators) get invited to other podcasts.

Hence, if you are intent on starting a new podcast to build your brand, you must surely take a look at the podcasts that we have offered in the next section. These will help you in tackling the business and marketing side of your brand better. According to,

Hence, if you are intent on starting a new podcast to build your brand, you must surely take a look at the podcasts that we have offered in the next section. These will help you in tackling the business and marketing side of your brand better.According to, “Being an entrepreneur and building your own business requires the right knowledge and skills across multiple facets of business, from management and leadership to strategizing and financing.”

Top Business Podcasts

Listening to a business podcast is only useful only when you implement the things you learn from it. So, you should always apply the things you learn from these podcasts relevant to your business.

1. Smart Passive Income

Best Business Podcasts - Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn

This award-winning weekly podcast will guide you on how you can start your online business and earn passive income. You will get practical tips, tactics, and strategies to build a profitable business. However, from finding a niche to starting your YouTube channel, you will find great resources from this podcast. Pat Flynn hosts this business podcast.

2. Entrepreneurs On Fire

Best Business Podcasts - Entrepreneurs On Fire - John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumas is one of the best business podcasts. You will get clarity and direction from some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. In this show, Dumas has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs that will motivate you and set the wings to fly. In addition, if you want to listen to interviews of different industry leaders including, Tony Robbins, Seth Goddin, Tim Ferris, you need this podcast.

3. The Indicator

Best Business Podcasts - The Indicator - John Lee Dumas

The Indicator will give you insights into business and economics. It’s a gift from the popular podcast Planet Money. However, you will learn about unemployment news, work, job, economic studies, and business with statistical data, expert opinion, and case studies. Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia host this business podcast.

4. Youpreneur

Best Business Podcasts - Youpreneur - Chris Ducker

Have you listened to The New Business Podcast? Youpreneur is another podcast by the British entrepreneur Chris Ducker on personal branding. In this weekly podcast, Ducker gives insightful advice, tactics, and strategies to budding entrepreneurs. In addition, if you want to launch your online products, this is one of the business podcasts you should listen to.

5. The Mind Your Business Podcast

Best Business Podcasts - The Mind Your Business Podcast - James Wedmore

Are you struggling with making a decision to start a business or in your career? The Mind Your Business Podcast by James Wedmore will help you develop a business mindset. However, you can recognize your potential by listening to his captivating motivational stories and interviews.

6. Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

Best Business Podcasts - Ambitious Entrepreneur Show - Annemarie Cross

If you are struggling to beat your competitors, you should listen to the Ambitious Entrepreneurs Show. However, this business podcast by Annemarie Cross will help you develop a money mindset, create a brand for your products or services, and become a leader in your niche.

7. As Told By Nomads

Best Business Podcasts - As Told By Nomads - Tayo Rockson

Are you looking for creative and powerful marketing strategies to grow your business?  If yes, listen to the popular business podcast As Told By Nomads. It’s one of the best business podcasts by digital marketing specialist Tayo Rockson. Learn out-of-the-box marketing tactics from this podcast.

8. The BizChix

Best Business Podcasts - The BizChix - Natalie Eckdahl

The BizChix is a popular podcast by career coach Natalie Eckdahl. This podcast is particularly helpful for women entrepreneurs. You will find useful advice with relevant information for starting a business. Apart from that, she shares practical tips on developing a growth mindset and improving your productivity.

9. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Best Business Podcasts - Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - Stanford University

This is one of the best business podcasts by Stanford University. The weekly podcast will provide you with thought-provoking insights by interviewing successful entrepreneurs. However, this show was originally designed for entrepreneurs from Stanford. However, people from different backgrounds can benefit from this podcast.

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10. Rise And Grind

Best Business Podcasts - Rise And Grind - Daymond John

Rise and Grind by Daymond John will help you in putting consistent effort into your workplace. Daymond gives you advice on how to use your money effectively to start a business. However, he also provides insights into different business strategies, time and money management.

11. Mixergy

Best Business Podcasts - Mixergy - Andrew Warner

Learn how to overcome entrepreneurial challenges from the Mixergy business podcast by Andrew Warner. In this podcast, you will learn from some of the successful global entrepreneurs including, the founder of Groupon, Pixar, LinkedIn, etc. In addition, this business podcast will provide you with powerful insights into your entrepreneurial journey.

12. Brown Ambition

Best Business Podcasts - Brown Ambition - Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche

Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche created this podcast to help women and minorities in financial and career planning. Both of them are financial reporters and on a mission to help individuals to build a stable financial system and grow in their careers. However, the Brown Ambition podcast covers the impact of political issues on minorities.

13. Entrepreneur Effect

Best Business Podcasts - Entrepreneur Effect - Dush Ramachandran

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? This business podcast provides you with thought-provoking insights on developing the right mindset for starting a business. However, you will explore how you can make your business sustainable with the right tools and knowledge. Entrepreneur Effect podcasts by Dush Ramachandran.

14. How I Built This

Best Business Podcasts - How I Built This - Guy Raz

How I Built This by Guy Raz is one of the epic business podcasts that you will need for your entrepreneurial journey. However, this podcast will give you insights into how business owners have built their companies. The specialty of this podcast is you will get a chance to listen to the success story of a company directly from its founder.

15. Online Marketing Made Easy

Best Business Podcasts - Online Marketing Made Easy - Amy Porterfield

This business podcast by Amy Porterfield will help you on how to start an online business, grow your email list, increase your online sales, etc. From social media advertising and content marketing to branding and online reputation management, you will get step-by-step actionable guides on this podcast.

Which One Is Best For You?

The list of business podcasts covers various topics including, growth mindset, online business, marketing strategy, and more. Now, it’s your turn to decide which one you need at your current stage.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you can listen to any of these business podcasts that align with your interest and idea. Lastly, don’t forget to share this article with people in your contact who want to start their own business.

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