Poll Shows More Americans In Support Of Workers Than Car Companies

More Americans Support Striking Auto Workers Than Car Companies, AP-NORC Poll Shows

Auto workers have been on strike for almost a month, and more Americans are starting to sympathize with those workers rather than the three employing car companies. Associated Press-NORC conducted a poll, and according to it, a majority of Americans support higher pay for the auto workers who are on strike against the top three car makers in Detroit.

As per the results of the poll, 36% of Americans have sympathy for the workers who are in demand of higher pay, while 9% support the automakers, and the rest support both or neither.

According to USNews.com,

Support for the autoworkers fell short of the 55% support for striking Hollywood writers and actors in an AP-NORC poll conducted last month. Still, the new poll adds to evidence of U.S. support for labor unions during a year marked by strikes in Hollywood, a walkout that was narrowly averted by Teamsters at United Parcel Service, and now the picket lines outside auto plants.

On September 15, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union went on strike against General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis. By conducting the strike against these auto companies, the union is seeking higher pay raises, shorter work weeks, and the need to end lower pay tiers for new workers. Furthermore, there is also a need to limit the use of temporary workers.

Many people are talking about the workers’ desire for more money since it is necessary to cope with the rising inflation in the country. However, according to others, autoworkers also get better pay than similar workers in other industries.

Hence, there is a fear that the demands of the union might enhance the cost of making cars. It will then be difficult for car manufacturers to compete with companies like Tesla, which do not have unions and offer cars at lower costs.

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