Assertiveness As A Sales Tactic – How A Bachelor Of Science In Communication Can Boost Your Business Sales 

Assertiveness As A Sales Tactic

In business, sales are the lifeblood that keeps organizations alive. A dynamic sales team is a potent asset for any company, but the question is, what makes a salesperson truly effective? Beyond the flashy presentations and eloquent pitches lies a trait often understated yet immensely powerful: assertiveness. And for those equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, this skill can be their secret weapon.


What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the ability to express oneself and one’s rights without violating the rights of others. In sales, it means effectively communicating a product’s or service’s value to potential customers, answering objections without aggression, and establishing boundaries without appearing submissive. It’s the middle ground between passive and aggressive behavior, and it’s where the magic happens in sales.

The Communication Degree Advantage

The Communication Degree Advantage

A bachelor of science in communication program focuses extensively on various communication styles, the psychology behind them, and effective techniques to reach diverse audiences. Here’s how this degree can boost sales through assertiveness:

A) Understanding Audience Needs

Salespeople need to recognize and respond to their client’s specific needs. With a background in communication, they are trained to analyze audiences, detect conversation nuances, and tailor their pitches accordingly. This ability ensures that the sales message resonates, leading to better engagement.

B) Effective Messaging For Assertiveness

An integral part of the communication curriculum is crafting messages that are clear, concise, and compelling. Assertive salespeople, with their educational background, can convey the benefits of their product without overwhelming or pressuring the client.

C) Handling Objections

Every salesperson faces objections. A communication degree equips them with the skills to respond calmly, confidently, and assertively. They can navigate tough questions, turning potential deal-breakers into deal-makers.

D) Building Trust

Communication studies emphasize the importance of authenticity and ethics. An assertive salesperson who operates with transparency and integrity will inevitably build trust, which is crucial for long-term customer relationships.

Real-world Applications

Imagine two sales scenarios:

In the first, a salesperson passively presents a product, hesitates when faced with objections, and fails to communicate its unique value effectively. The result? A lost sale and a dissatisfied potential customer.

In the second scenario, the salesperson, equipped with a communication degree, confidently introduces the product, addresses objections with understanding and assertiveness, and tailors the pitch to the client’s specific needs. The outcome is more likely a sealed deal and a satisfied new customer.

Which scenario sounds more appealing?

Cultivating Assertiveness

A Bachelor of Science in Communication provides a strong foundation, but like any skill, assertiveness must be cultivated. Here are some strategies:

A) Active Listening

Always give full attention to the client. By genuinely listening, you can better understand their needs and position your product as the perfect solution.

B) Cultivating Assertiveness Through Continuous Learning

Stay updated on product knowledge, market trends, and sales techniques. This ensures that you can answer questions confidently and accurately.

C) Practice Scenarios

Role-playing with colleagues can prepare you for various sales situations, allowing you to fine-tune your assertiveness.


Ultimately, sales are not just about pushing a product but about creating value for the client. Assertiveness, backed by a strong foundation in communication, is the bridge that connects a product’s potential with the customer’s needs. For businesses aiming to supercharge their sales, investing in assertive salespeople with a solid grounding in communication can be the game-changer they’ve been seeking.

So, if you’re in the realm of sales or are considering a sales role, remember that wielding assertiveness, combined with a comprehensive understanding of communication, can elevate your sales game to unparalleled heights. It’s time to leverage this powerful combination for ultimate success.

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