Top 20 Accounting Software for Small Business Owners

Top 20 Accounting Software

A quality accounting software will allow you, as an owner of a small business, to track the income, financial accounts, taxes, and more stuff that are important to keep up with finance. Also, with the availability of the software, you will not need to keep your accounts manually. These software options basically make things easier for you.

According to,

Accounting software is also useful for tax management, ensuring you’re accurately estimating all your tax liabilities and saving money accordingly. The best accounting software integrates with other key business systems like payroll software and HR software, eliminating the need to enter the same data manually in multiple systems.”

However, with so many options available in the market, it is hard to choose which one is the best for your business. Hence, in this article, we have ranked different software options based on their capability, pricing, features, and more. Also, you will need to choose which one is right for your business. Hence, to learn more about the best accounting software, read on through to the end of the article.

The Best Accounting Software You Will Get In 2023

The following are the best accounting software that you will come across in 2023:

1. Zoho Books

Zoho Books
Starting PriceUS $15 per month
Free Trial14 days along with a free forever plan (with some restrictions in revenue)
Essential FeaturesPayroll, Invoicing, and mobile app

Top reasons to buy ZohoBooks:

  • Accepts both offline and online payments
  • Integrated with other Zoho apps
  • Manage up to 1099 contractors
  • The best accounting software by far
  • Presence of recurring invoices
  • Best suited for service-based businesses
  • A great option if you already use other Zoho apps


  • There are extra payroll costs
  • The free plan only comes with 1000 invoices per year

2. Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks
Starting Price$25.50/ month for three months
Free Trial30 days for a free trial
Essential FeaturesManaging invoices, tracking the inventory, and tracking mileage

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Comprehensive and useful accounting software
  • Comes with support through phone
  • Comes with a simple mobile app
  • Easily integrates with other apps and software


  • There are extra costs for payroll features
  • After the intro period, the prices of services double
  • Accidents might lead to duplicate transactions. Hence, carefulness is necessary.
  • There are no eCommerce features.

3. Fresh Books

Fresh Books
Starting Price$158.10
Free Trial30 days free trial
Essential FeaturesTracking unlimited expenses, unlimited invoicing, mobile app present

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Unlimited invoicing for up to 5 clients
  • Sending unlimited estimates
  • Tracking unlimited expenses
  • Option to get paid with bank transfer and credit card
  • Ability to track sales tax and check reports
  • Great for small and medium-sized businesses


  • No document management option
  • No training at the start
  • Does not contain any payroll

4. Xero

Starting Price$13 per month
Free Trial30 days (no credit card required, and 24×7 online support is available)
Essential FeaturesDifferent reports, payroll management, and good integration.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Easy to enter and update purchase invoices
  • Simple and dynamic user interface
  • Comes also with a mobile app
  • Comes with a variety of report options
  • Simple payroll management
  • Integrates well with other apps


  • Visual graphic charts are not available
  • The Tax option does not load sometimes
  • The timesheets sometimes stop working
  • The reporting function is a bit complicated

5. NetSuite

Starting Price$499.00 per year
Free TrialNo free trial is available
Essential FeaturesAccess to the cloud, availability of automation, and regulatory compliance

Top reasons to buy it:

  • A great option for businesses that require assistance with financial compliance.
  • A variety of customizable features are available
  • Easy integration with other tools
  • Offers the flexibility to scale your business
  • A variety of customizable options
  • Good accounting software for small businesses.


  • The pricing system is not fully transparent
  • Users need to go through a learning curve initially

6. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting
Starting Price$7.5 per month
Free TrialNo free plan available at the start
Essential FeaturesEasy of invoicing, Automatic reconciliation with banks, Receivable track accounts

Top reasons to buy it:

  • One of the best small business accounting software options
  • The invoicing is really easy
  • The software is based on the cloud
  • Multiple currencies are supported on the platform
  • Supports automatic bank reconciliation


  • The good option is only for small businesses. Not a useful option for established businesses.
  • There is no payroll included in the platform.
  • The phone support hours are limited.

7. MarginEdge

Starting Price$300 per month
Free Trial30 days of a free trial
Essential FeaturesGreat for businesses, integration of POS, and report of the usage of food.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Fixed monthly rates for the rest of the months.
  • No set-up fees or contracts
  • Creating recipe costing
  • Ease of bill payment
  • Report on the usage of food


  • Very pricy as per the services it provides
  • No payroll available
  • Contains accounting programs related to restaurants. Not a great option for service-based businesses

8. Neat

Starting Price$288 per year
Free TrialFree trial for 14 days
Essential FeaturesExpense Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Reporting, and more.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Great software for accounting for self-employed people
  • Comes with essential functions to run small businesses
  • Provides unlimited file storage options
  • Comes with the expense tracking feature
  • Really good chat and email support
  • File sharing and collaboration features are available


  • Not fully robust with features.
  • No payroll available
  • The monthly billing option is not available.

9. Kashoo

Starting Price$216 per year
Free Trial14-day free trial
Essential FeaturesComes with payroll, easy invoicing options, and a simple mobile app

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Cloud-based accounting system
  • Comes with a free invoicing plan
  • You can be able to include unlimited users
  • You can connect with more than five thousand banks and credit union
  • Integration options are limited in the number


  • There are no features of time-tracking
  • Lacks management of document
  • The app is not available for Android phones

10. Melio

Starting PriceFree
Free TrialFree plan and free trial
Essential FeaturesRemote Access/Control, Recurring invoicing, Deferred billing, and more.

Top reasons to try it:

  • One of the best free accounting software options
  • Best for a small business owner and self-employed
  • Based on the web, SaaS, and cloud
  • Full support through chat and email


  • No customizable templates are available
  • No storage of documents
  • Lacks various other features available with paid options on other apps.

11. Pabbly

Starting Price$9 per month
Free TrialContains a free plan with limited features
Essential FeaturesSmart Tax Automation, Multi-Tier Affiliate, Inbuilt Affiliate Module, Dunning Management, and more.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • The accounting systems let you get access to real-time actionable metrics
  • Automation of business workflows and customer communication
  • Easy creation of invoice
  • Comes with a subscription billing model
  • No extra fees


  • Lack of customer service
  • Delays in the app
  • Sometimes creates problems in connecting with payment options.

12. Wave

Starting PriceFree plan for accounting and invoicing, as well as receipt managementContains extra for other options
Free Trial
Essential FeaturesInvoicing, payroll service, categorization of transactions

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Easy to categorize transactions
  • Automatic reminders to invoices
  • Easy categorization of transactions
  • One of the cheapest payroll services


  • Not well-reviewed by users
  • Not a great option for established businesses.

13. AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro
Starting Price$399 (perpetual license)Starting at $199 for a single user
Free TrialFree trial for 30 days
Essential FeaturesAccounts payable, Role-based user permissions, Accounts receivable, and bank reconciliation.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • No set-up fee required
  • Good customer service
  • Easy interface
  • Heavy lifting for payroll, taxes, and accounts.


  • Malfunctioning leads to slow processes
  • Lack of feasibility
  • Lack of customization options

14. OneUp

Starting Price$9 per month
Free TrialFree plan available
Essential FeaturesAutomated Publishing, Collaboration Tools, Content Management, Post Scheduling, etc.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • High-quality support and communication
  • Automation capability
  • The support constantly adds features as per the feedback of the clients.


  • Lack of customization features
  • Sometimes occurs in a lack of response from the support
  • Prone to errors in some situations

15. Tipalti

Starting Price$149 per month for the platform fee
Free TrialNot available
Essential FeaturesInvoice Management, Vendor Checks – AP Automation, Payments API, Tax Compliance, and more

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Automation of the accounts payable process
  • Easy payment processes
  • A great option for businesses that are driven by deadlines
  • Ability to correct issues related to non-compliance as well.


  • A bit pricier than necessary
  • Comes with no free trial either
  • Prone to lags and glitches
  • Slow action and resolution from the support team

16. OnPay

Starting PricePricing starts at $36 per month
Free TrialAvailable for 30 days
Essential FeaturesPayroll software, Employee management, HR features, and more

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Good pricing in terms of the services offered.
  • Consists of a good quality payroll and also consists of various features for HR management.
  • Great for businesses that are looking for solutions based on payrolls.


  • Lacking advanced features
  • Limited expert support
  • Additional services come in premium
  • Does not integrate with a large number of software options.

17. Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed
Starting Price$833 per year
Free TrialNo free trial or freemium is available
Essential FeaturesEase of billing, automatic report generation, Easy interface

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Comes with the subscription or recurring billing options
  • Simple and secure API
  • Automation of some of the menial tasks
  • Great for businesses looking for a Cloud-based platform


  • Limited response from customer support
  • Slowing down the application in a few cases.
  • Lack of customization options in the reports

18. ZipBooks

Starting PriceFree Pricing. Premium features are available at $15 per month.
Free TrialFreely available with limited options
Essential FeaturesACH Payment Processing, Bookkeeping Services Integration, and more.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Comes with a great API
  • Exceptional billing and invoicing features
  • Good customization options
  • Simple and easy to use, plus it comes with a lot of features
  • Powerful functionality and better accessibility


  • Lacks some features as compared to other top software
  • Consists of some quirks and bugs
  • Lack of advanced options in the application

19. Sunrise by Lendio

Sunrise by Lendio
Starting PriceFree PricingPremium options come at $149 per month
Free TrialFreely available with standard options
Essential FeaturesAutomatic Bank Reconciliation, Easy Tax Options, Profit and Loss Reports, Branded Invoicing, and more.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • A good option for starters
  • Good quality software support from the team.
  • Easy to use and provides simple options to track expenses.
  • Great invoicing options
  • Comes with a dedicated bookkeeping service


  • Inability to run payroll
  • Lacks advanced features required for a growing business
  • Nothing much apart from basic accounting and reconciling practices

20. ZarMoney

Starting Price$15 per month
Free TrialNot available
Essential FeaturesProductivity, reporting, advanced inventory, and more.

Top reasons to buy it:

  • Covers almost every process a business needs in relation to accounting
  • Accommodating payment models
  • Good for both small and large enterprises
  • Customers have the ability to choose from a large number of plans
  • Good quality support system
  • Easy to use as well as affordability
  • Perfect for businesses that are starting out and want to grow


  • Invoicing and other features might come short at times
  • Lack of customization options
  • Lack of graphic displays when it comes to charts and graphs

According to,

Accounting software can improve productivity by automating time-consuming tasks, such as invoicing and tracking payments. This frees up your time so you can focus on running your business.”

The aforementioned accounting software options can be great for you if you want to upgrade your business’ accounting processes.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of the best accounting software options for small businesses. Although the best option by a mile is Zoho, the other options are still great. If you are a restaurant or food service, then MarginEdge is a great option for you. Hence, if you are trying to get your company accounting software, you can choose one from this list as per your needs and budget. Furthermore, there are a lot of accounting courses which you can join.

Do you know of any other accounting software that we did not include? Consider sharing some names with us in the comments section below.

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